Boardgame night! Mice and Mystics!

After a ded busy week of work after the summer holidays I got in a night of boardgaming with ChaosBeakie, the Mμ and the Temla. Once again, the name of the game was Mice and Mystics!

DSC_0163We’re playing through the core adventure Sorrow and Rememberance (but have Heart of Glorm on the shelf). Going through it all is proving to be quite the challenge, with us only up for scenario 5 after a year of playing. (With the Mμ off in Scotland for half the year, this translates to about 0,75 scenarios per session, with additional sessions with another parties.) It doesn’t matter that the game (or our interpretation of it) is hard, it simply adds to the feeling. This actually might be my favourite board game of all time.

The highlight of the evening was Maginos (Mμ) finally finding his familiar dragon ladybird, Meeps. Seriously, a dragon magically transformed into a ladybird, that is promptly identified by his wizard companion. Dig it.


Looking through the games facebook page the future looks promising as well. Apart from another large expansion, Downwood Tales*, released and awaiting us already, another one, Tail Feathers, is in the making (an awesomely exciting one it seems).



*Temla, who’s playing Tilda might like this preview.
**With actual cheese next time


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