Strange loved Hellhammer

I just got home from a game of 40k with several odd aspects. In a sense this post is a tactica Ravenwing (or Dark Angels) for when facing a super heavy Hellhammerm or maybe even a Warhammer 40k Bat Rep (in the shortest sense ever) between Imperial Guard and Dark Angels. But what I really want to come to is

How I stopped worrying and learned to love the atomic Hellhound.

dr_strangelove1It all began on a sunny afternoon when my local FLGS released their new discount list that included a Hammer of Cadia. The guard player (the Tall Guy) had gotten through most of his infantry and began adding some tanks. I can’t really say why but I ended up sharing the box with him.

For the Tank Commander?
For the Looted Wagons?

As Data would say: “Undisclosed, sir.”

Well, he got the Hellhammer. And now he suggested he would like to try it out. With my Orks – lacking both tankbustas and meganobs? I’m not there yet. So I rolled out my Ravenwing (1250 pts  so I had to push):

Level 2 Biker libby – Conversion fields, MBombs, Shroud of Heroes,
Ravenwing Command squad (5), champ, apothecary
6 Bikers, MM Attack bike, 2 Meltas, Meltabombs
4 Bikers, Meltabombs, 2 Plasma
1+1 LS Typhoons

w/ DA Allies:
Interrogator Chaplain, Mace of Redemption
9 Tacticals, Flamer, Combi-Flamer in a Drop Pod

I was up against
a HQ Command squad,
A Platoon Command squad
A Veteran Squad
2 Infantry Squads

The HELLHAMMER! (It should have a name, shouldn’t it?!)
There was some Plasma and Grenade Launchers in there…

We set up terrain, for some reason we were in the middle of a ruined city:

And both were losing comms with the rest of the force and had to establish new comm routes by holding key points. (Maelstrom 2 – get new Maelstrom Cards – as many you hold Objectives up to 6).


I had a plan. Hug him. If he cant place his blasts without hitting his own, he can’t target me. Like those small annoying face hugging creatures in every space film/game ever. An axe won’t help too much against them. Plan B, get lucky with my three melta shots or Black Knights.

He outflanked his platoon command and infantry squad using a warlord trait, but regretted it.

I get the first turn. 1) I forgot my psychic phase, 2) I forgot my Drop Pod. My meltas missed (pretty much the whole game, as usual). But I covered most of the objectives and took out a sentinel.

He missed me with the nasty cannon  killed one, I jinked a bit too much but it was alright.


The whole game was a bit of a cat and mouse. And like of mice and men, all plans failed. I wanted to stay in combat to keep away from that big blast. He blasted away my whole tactical squad and drop pod with one shot. But I got lucky with the Maelstrom cards – or was it an illusion when I drew so many?


In the end he had his Tank. And I had a land speeder and my two characters (had been hiding for three or four turns). I had missed something with their movement, and thought it was 6″ so I didn’t correct him when he moved only 6″ all the time. He thought it was needed to fire all the weapons – I for some inherent rule. Nope. We were utterly wrong and it might have helped him take the game on sudden death. (He was close as it was, with him missing and me jinking whatever I could.)

But as it was I won the game by Victory Points.

But I learned, it wasn’t too bad. The game was fun, and at a bit larger points where support is more ample, and with noone outflanking it will be quite different. I also learned that I lack in antitank. But I know who learned more…




2 responses to “Strange loved Hellhammer

  1. My Vostroyan infantry has always have had problems with the Ravenwing bike list primarily due to their agility and high toughness. This game reflected this as well, but now I had the Hellhammer which wouldn’t go away that easily. This was quite nice, but a tank is a bit more dull/straightforward than the intricacy of orders.

    In a Maelstrom game (especially this one) agility is a clear advantage and none of my troops really had that in this game (and I usually lack this). So I wasn’t set on an easy win, and it proved a lot more challenging to secure a win after my veterans and HQ was gone (after the first half of turn two).

    I think a ravenwing force is actually quite a hard match for a big tank like the Hellhammer. The tank can’t fire indirectly so the opponent only have to run and hide behind suitable cover, at the same time as they achieve objectives. Furthermore; a bike list consists of reasonably few figures with a great save (this does not help against the primary weapon) and this helps a lot if they are spread out on the field in combination with the scattering of the blast templates.

    So in this game the Hellhammer was certainly not overpowered, but in a game against orks this would probably not be the case.

    …and yes, the Hellhammer desperatly needs a name (and some conversions/modifications that are tied in with a backstory).

  2. Remember though, with as many bodies on the table as you have you have quite a presence. I’d say move a bit more bravely (and maybe keep quite tightly packed – same for the objectives). Suddenly you can block off parts of the board. With what I bring, and with the new codex, I have little dakka – you don’t care that DA get grav now, I have a pain in the butt save – that you ignore with an order.

    This is what you effectively did back in the cabinhammer game for instance. Another plasma squad (vets? expendable command?) and you are solving your bug problem with the same oddly glowy stone.

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