Chaos Beakie’s Witchling Stalkers

Here’s some Malifaux Witchling Stalkers for you to enjoy! These are in fact Chaos Beakie’s that he’s just got painted (some tuft is under consideration), and I think they look great! So great I decided to sneak a couple of pictures after our game last night (yes, there will be a Arcanist vs. Guild Malifaux BatRep here if things go as I planned – but bad things tend to happen) and now they are here! Maybe soon even on the Wyrd Forums!

witchlingstalkers_front witchlingstalkers_back
Don’t they look good?! 🙂


2 responses to “Chaos Beakie’s Witchling Stalkers

    • Yes, they are nasty little buggers. He was unsure whether he had got them different enough from the base. I think the hue separates them just right from the base to keep a cloaked city-stalker look.

      Chaos Beakie is enjoying them to the extent of planning his next expansion with these in mind. Let’s see what he draws ot of his hat…

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