Hobbit BatRep – Easterlings vs. Thorin’s Company

This time I’ll give you a short the Hobbit SBG battle report of a recent game I had with Mr. Easter, this time with his Easterlings and four of Thorin’s Company’s Dwarves.

We wanted to try out something fast, and maybe a bit oddball, so we decided to go with one of the the Hobbit SBG Battle Company Scenarios – Treasure Hunt, to be precise. Six objective markers (tomes on bases) are placed 12″ away from each other, and 6″ away from any board edge. When either force is broken the game ends at the end any turn on D6 a roll of 1. In Battle Companies, only a randomly determined marker wins, but we decided that all wound be worth 1 VP and the randomly determined one 3 VP instead – to make it more in line with the usual scenarios. (Having a random one win, helps keep the underdog Battle Companies in.)

Mr. Easter took 3 Warbands:
Shagrat, and 4 Morannon Orcs w/ Spear and Shield
Easterling Captain on Horse, 3 Kataphracts, 3 Archers, 3 Pikemen, 1 Swordsman
Easterling Captain, 4 Archers and 3 Pikemen, 1 Swordsman

I went more oddball and dug up 4 Dwarves of Thorin’s Company (after they looted Erebor for nice D8):

I deployed in the middle to (hopefully) be able to react a bit better. Mr. Easter took a Banana Deployment Formation (BDF) around the dwarves. In the picture below, six objectives are seen, one in the lower left by the Easterlings, one in the mid left by the Easterlings one in the top left/middle by Shagrat and friends, one in the middle, and one in the lover right. The last one was 6″ or so right of the carriage. The Game was on.


The Dwarves initially run to the barns, where cover is ample (never know when those bows get lucky). Going for one flank could also help take on one flank at a time, before support arrives. A Move of 5″ does not leave much room, but it’s better than a Hobbit’s. The Easterlings also close in, and take some pot shots.


Soon, the Dwarves get an opportunity to attack a Kataphract, which they promptly do (and kills). Mr. Easter spreads out for the objectives while most of the troops try to surround the dwarves.


After first blood has been drawn the game turns into a long fight by one of the barns. As I had hoped for, the Dwarfs are able to take on roughly two of the warbands before the whole force arrives, and most of these even piece by piece. Thorin’s free Heroic Combat is brutal. When winning a Fight the Dwarves easily take out one of the two, but winning fights is not always too easy. A 6 to wound even with S4, and a 6/4 with S3, gives great survivability though.


Things soon get tight, with the mounted and caped Easterling Captain proving a real tough nut to crack. Might points are used sparingly, but a few are spent on Heroic Combats. The Easterlings usually roll high on the Fight increase, but fail to capitalize, possibly as they have too few numbers to surround and trap the dwarves.


The fight goes on, Fili takes a wound but saves with Fate, but seems to be getting tired. Thorin is carving a path through the enemy, while Dwalin and Gloin are no far away. (Especially after Gloin realizes that his axe is wielded with two hands. *Doh*)


The line is being thinned out. The Dwarves are doing good. No blade can penetrate their armour it seems. The pressure is now on the Easterlings.


The laste leader standing is the captain on foot. A dangerous time as the Easterlings are now broken.


The Easterlings are brave a long time, though. And stubbornly stay on their objectives…


But in the end, they see the futility of their resistance. The treasure is irrelevant. The dwarves have time to dig up their gold.

This did not take too long time to do, so we decided to do another game straight after. Stay tuned to read the the Hobbit SBG battle report where this Easterling force meets with the Rohirrim, slightly different than I’ve used to.

I hope you enjoyed this batrep. And, as always, if you can spot anything we can improve in our strategies, lists and tactics – please leave us a comment!


3 responses to “Hobbit BatRep – Easterlings vs. Thorin’s Company

  1. The Easterling/Mordor force isn’t 100 % correct, it was:

    Shagrat, captain of Cirith Ungol; shield
    – 2 Morannon orcs; shield
    – 3 Morannon orcs; shield, spear

    Easterling captain; armoured horse, shield
    – 3 Easterlings; bow
    – 2 Easterlings; pike, shield
    – 2 Black dragon Easterlings; pike, shield
    – 3 Black dragon Kataphrakts

    Easterling captain; shield
    – 4 Easterlings; bow
    – 3 Easterlings; pike, shield
    – 1 Black dragon Easterling; pike, shield

    • Yeah, figured I’d missed some of them Black Dragons.

      I actually expected you to bring Khâmul, like you so often do. WIth him transfixing left and right, the game would have been quite different, don’t you agree?

      • Yes, he could have been quite effective. Especially preventing Thorin from killing 2-3 models every turn, but I think he’s to expensive for a 400 points game. Having 1/3 of the points in a one wound character didn’t feel like a good idea…

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