LXXVII – Brother Librarian Giles mounts his bike

Today I want to show you my Dark Angels Librarian on bike conversion, that I’ve just finished.

I’ve digested the new Dark Angels codex a few weeks now and I am getting kind of comfortable. There is no obvious weirdness, except for the obvious boo-boo with characters and the bikes, and all units seem rather playable. The only thing I am sad about is the difficulties you face when playing a pure Deathwing force, sure you can go unbound, or play the old codex. This shouldn’t upset anyone but those wanting to try their force against a ded ‘ard list.

But for now I got my bikes…

And I actually got so inspired that I not only finished painting my Drop Pod, but also my Librarian, Giles on a bike. He originally was inteded to be equiped with a Power Field Generator. (Therefore the big red thingy in the rear of the bike, but they of course decided to take that piece away from the codex. This was probably a rather good idea with the Ravenwing jinking.)

Without further ado, here he is – my Dark Angels Librarian on a bike. (The lighting is again a bit off, my big hot black-body radiator is refusing to cooperate, sorry. The first one is ok, though.)

DSC_0783 DSC_0786 DSC_0787 DSC_0788


2 responses to “LXXVII – Brother Librarian Giles mounts his bike

  1. The painting quality is high as always. I find the overall look to be a bit of a riot of colour, with blue, red, green and yellow all prominent. I am particularly impressed with that yellow which is so smooth.

  2. Thanks! 😀
    I am aiming for a kind of old-school style appearance for my DA with really vivid colours. The red on the PFG was a bit of a shot in the dark, but I think it works as the bike is green and red and Giles is yellow and blue.

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