LXXVI – A Skaven Farewell

With the soon to change edition of Warhammer Fantasy (or is it Age of Sigmar) I decided to pull out my Skaven army for a battle against the Dark Elves. The point size is 2400 and the Scenario. Doom is imminent in this Battle Report!

I actually never have put up a battle report featuring my Skaven here. Sure I haven’t played them too much, but a few times still in these two years. I for instance recall a mega battle (where little happened in the end), and an ordinary game that never got past a draft.

I think the Dark Elf player, Mr. Easter, and me are both the two in most turmoil in the wait for the new Warhammer Fantasy edition. Our resident Beastmen player, The Tall Person, can’t really care too much as he’s been a bit screwed over with his beastmen. Chaos Beakie got a rather bad burnout after our Blood In the Badlands campaign (but he’s exercised his Orcs and Goblins once since). The rest are content doing their 40k. So, I and Mr. Easter decided to make room for another fantasy game, with what might be a last one of the edition (whatever we decide to do).

I went for something solid, and familiar as I hadn’t played the army in a while. Two things that had to be in the list was a horde of giant rats with Skweel (that’s 60 + 5 ordinary pack masters) and my three Stormfiends. The rest was
three units of fourty slaves,
two rat darts,
a bunker of 30 Clanrats for my Grey Seer and BSB
a horde of stormvermin with a the Fellblade (another new unit+character+item combo for me),
Gutter Runners
two Cannons,
a doomwheel,
and an engineer with a Doomrocket

I faced something like:
A sorceress in
30-ish Black Guard
An unkillable peggyperson
30-ish Corsairs
10 Witch Elves,
5 Warlocks
6 Shades
8 CoKs
12 Crossbowmen, (Pokeshards or whatever)
and a Bolt Thrower.

The deployment can be seen below. Dark Elves left to right: Warlocks, Witch Elves, Crossbowmen in the house, Corsairs, Black Guard, Unicorn(rainbow)lord behind the ruin, CoKs. Shades hid in a house in the leftmost corner of the Skaven deployment zone. Skaven left to right: Rat dart, Doomwheel, Slaves, Slaves, Stormvermin, Clanrats, Ratdart, Slaves and Giant Rats. Rats it was hard to get all those skaven on the board! But I managed alright I think. Unfortunately those rats will be fighting a bunch of CoKs, not ideal but it was an interesting matchup to see. Skweel gave them Regen – something that would surely help. The BSB stood with the Stormvermin in the beginning and handed out some Skavenbrew, the suspicious sort he is he just decided to poison four of the Black furred ones that had been (in his mind) looking at him wrong.

The big things in term of terrain are the white building and the ruin that are both infested by malignant spirits.

The Skaven also got the initiative. Nice.

I decided to move up only a little (to get better range for my spells) and then I unleashed. Skorch, let through on the Black Guard mostly saved with magic resistance. Then: Poof! Dreaded 13th irresistably on the Black Guard.: 4D6 = 21. Command and Sorceress left. I had forgot how nasty this was. We discuss a bit and decide to allow magic resistance on this one to make for a better game. Suddenly only 5-6 die (elf-meat had to use weighted die as well). Some Clanrats die to the miscast.

Well, well. I instead pull out my doomrocket, rolling 5 dice hitting nicely and, again reducing the Black Guard to 4 men. Had we not allowed for the ward save this would instead have hit the Corsairs effectively ending the game. Especially as I soon scored two good hits on the Kharybdis/Bolt Thrower panicking the first and destroying the other and on the Lord behind the ruin killing him in spite of a 3++.


The Dark Elves scramble about a bit. The Black Guards move on top of the Stormfiend marker to delay them a bit. Sorceress hops into the corsair unit. Knights move forward. Warlocks and Shades move up and do a wound to the Doomwheel that goes out of control into the corsairs. (Possibly allowing a flank charge by the Stormvermin.) The Doomwheel pins the corsairs down.

Stormfiends emerge into combat with the Black Guard. The Gutter Runners poison the last wound on the K-beast. Giant rats charge the Knights, that are being harassed by ghosts. Stormvermin engage the Corsairs. The sorceress is slain. Little more happens.

A lucky shot kills a few of the warlocks. A misfire destroys the other cannon.


Soon the corsairs are effectively destroyed, as are the Witches that tries to fill in the gaps in the ranks. The last black guards were killed swiflty by the Stormfiends while killing one of the fiends (almost two). For the rest of the game the CoKs are engaged with the giant rats. The rats do nothing, to the knights, but are wittled down a few at a time, saved by steadfast and their regen. The ghost are after these riders and actually end up killing them all.

The Dark Elf force was effectively overrun.

This was one of those games where the dice was clearly favouring one side. And when the dice are favouring the Skaven… things go Malifaux – Bad things happen. Mr. Easter should practise his dice rolling cause they have really being fudging him over the last two months. (Or I should stop spending time at the Shrine of the Dice Gods). After this I had to take a long shower I felt so dirty…


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