LXXIII – Malifaux Monkey Business

The next Malifaux mini to be finished for my Marcus crew is Cojo. (And I must thank Chaos Beakie for this.) It was not too easy for me to start this project, as I am not quite a man of the monkey hype. I might have burned my monkey candle down when watching that baseball playing chimpanzee movie as a kid. Oh, mah-grot! It only got a 2.5 on imdb.com!!


Slow lorises are as close to monkey I can love.

While Chaos beakie might have been the inspiration for me, as the monkey of a man he is, the real carrot was that we both vowed to get some Malifaux painted by the end of last month. (He is not a monkey of a man, really, it was a joke. Ron Pearlman is.) And we then decided to extend the deadline a bit.

And now I have him all done, too big to stand tall in the cookie box where my Malifaux is kept, but standing tall still. Cojo, the only monkeyman I’ll never-ever paint (except I could maybe paint a Jokaero one day to as well).

cojo_malifaux_arcanists_marcus_monkeyman1 cojo_malifaux_arcanists_marcus_monkeyman2 cojo_malifaux_arcanists_marcus_monkeyman3 cojo_malifaux_arcanists_marcus_monkeyman4
I’m quite happy with the results. Especially with that while the mini is rather untextured I got a nice looking fur painted on it. Then again the skin tone is not quite what I had hoped for, but it was what came out of the flow. And after spending this much time with him I have become rather fond, and I look forward to seeing what he can do on the tabletop (especially in a Turf War – Rude sign language!).

As always, any comments are welcome!


5 responses to “LXXIII – Malifaux Monkey Business

  1. Considering the aversion to monkeys (and gorillas obviously) the result is really good. Is there any particular reason behind the white fur? I.e. Instead of the more common black/gray gorilla fur?

  2. Thank you all! 😀

    One thing that annoys me is the skin tone. I would have wanted a more red one (as Perlman’s, sorry Snowflake’s). That on the other hand would have required a colder or whiter fur colour, I think? And in the end I liked this hue.

    The colour choice is a personalization of the artwork – Cojo is always presented with light fur, he isn’t really a gorilla, or is he? http://www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v2/MarcusGroup.png

    EDIT: It is also nice to have a more unique colour scheme, and I have not found a Cojo with this natural white/yellowish fur. Going with a more red skin would have dgraz’s @wyrd-forums version of him.

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