LXXII – Nid Huntaz


I got the Nid Huntaz painted! Wihuu!

Last summer I managed to find quite a bargain of boyz with sluggas and choppas on Evilbay. This was perfect for Apocalypse games, where I’d been aiming to field a Green Tide. Now it seems you can do it ordinary games as well, so there’ll be more potential uses for these boyz.


I like having different themes or colour scheme variations on my boyz (one of the things I like about Orks). One of the Boyz arrived with one plate glued to the shoulder, which gave me the idea to makea themed unit. Mr. Easter’s growing bitz box was readily exploited. (Big thanks for that! 😀 )

ork_boyz_mob3_close ork_boyz_mob4_close

During my 40k spring break I decided to paint these up. They were supposed to be a speed painting project, but as usually with my speed painting it turned out to be not so speedy. One of the things that took alot of time was the pants’ camo pattern. Dem ‘urty bugses needed a taunt, so a choice of colour (he’s expressed his disapproval of the merry variety of colours in my Ork army) and clan (Blood Axe scumbags) was made based on the gratitude for my bitz looting. 😉


The Nob of course got the biggest plates.

ork_boyz_mob6_nob_back ork_boyz_mob7_nob_front
All in all I am satisfied with these. They’re not the best I’ve made, but I had a lot of fun while working on these. Particularly the skin could use a highlight more, but considering I’am likely to pull them out almost exclusively for apocalypse games, this will suffice.

Unfortunately these did not quench my appetite for painting orks. Quite contrary….


2 responses to “LXXII – Nid Huntaz

  1. Nice to see that you found some use for those extra carapace pieces. It’s quite funny that they seem to fit your orks better than the gants/gaunts they are designed for.

    Now I’m curious about what the rest of that gant/gaunt would look like…

  2. If I had a gaunt to paint I don’t think they would have that colour. I mean – I cannot help you in this matter.

    What I do know is that I would begin by looking at exotic bugs (natural, not virtual) and find a really colourful one. It’s psychological warfare you see – looking at the army would give the enemy an epileptic fit and/or a small aneurysm. If they survive the battle even the dice would suffer from PTS.

    That is why I don’t play tyranids, I am do my best to be a nice person.

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