LXX – Through The Surface

Again, it seems like a new wave of radio silence has struck this blog. Instead of thinking I have been acting, moving from east to west. There’s been a few games, for instance our Battle Companies is proceeding nicely. (Although only 3/7 of my company is available next game, I have lost only one peranently; and although my warband rating is quite high a lot of points is in two of my heroes who have gained an attack and and attack and a wound increasing their comparative value by loads.) Soon you will see a guest army display of Spyrers Tomb Kings army who felt posh enough for a shoot a week ago. That’s after I’ve gone through all the 350 pictures I’ve taken of them…


On a hobbier side I have attacked a mob of 30 boyz, and I am about to get them finished soon. That’s my last batch of boys for now – the 6th, making a decent (but not quite complete) collection of Orks for our almost-Apocalypses. I’d still like to add two units of Stormboyz, and three of Kommandos, and … ad infinitum. A surprise came just the other day when I jokingly asked whether my guards mate wanted to share a Hammer of Cadia box with me. He’s been quite strict with limiting his collection to the assigned storage space. Well, apparently the storage space fits a Hellhammer and two hellhounds, and I’ll have a Tank Commander. (Well, Astra Militarum or Ork Heimlich maneuvres, I haven’t quite decided yet.)

Schlacht um Kursk, Panzer VI (Tiger I)

Are you a Tank Commander now?

But yes, Malifaux I hear you ask. We got in another game a few weeks ago. Perhaps it’s time to squeeze in another again. And our 30 soulstone game only took 3 hours now, so we are improving wastly (a cut of 50% and were wyrd enough). Soon we might even be ready to take our game out to the people.

I tried Marcus with a Jackalope, Myranda and a Waldgeist against Hopkins and three Witchling stalkers. With massive soulstone use, a black Joker and other botches Hopkins survived against a surprise attack of a de-hand-tomed Marcus for extra damage. Samael retaliated by killing the master shortly with a little help from a friend. The Waldgeist proved really useful with his portable garden, a real fun ability to toss around, especially in the Turf War. The Jackalope did not get to shine, with a significant confusion of insignificant. I also think he’ll get more utility when the crew size goes up a bit (and consequently also the opportunities to return through the gates of the Nether Realms).


It was fun as always, and I even managed to hold on to a draw after losing Marcus turn 2.

We also did a little painting challenge. Chaos Beakie will paint up his Witchling Stalkers and I’ll do Cojo this month. I had hoped I rather sooner be through the boyz, but alas no. The concept of a larger spiky monkey does not attract me so this I’d hoped help me get him done… We’ll get to that soon…


2 responses to “LXX – Through The Surface

  1. Nice game report with the photos. One of the things I think is cool about Malifaux is that killing everything isn’t always the best strategy. And it feels so good to win a game even after you’ve been tabled.

    • Thanks!

      Yes, I really like those details too. While you get an opportunity to put together a crew that can stand up against a (declared) opponent, you really want to hire the right crew for the job.

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