LXIX – Quirky Questions

One of the reasons I began with this blog in the first place was to help out with reflecting on the hobby. It is very easy to just rush forward head-on through project and project without reason or thought, especially with a release schedule amped up to 110 and a blossoming selection of games and miniature lines to try out. I know for one that every other full moon I turn into a werehamster of a collector. Please note my avatar is of my late pet guinea pig, Blondie, who most certainly wasn’t a) a hamster, b) named after a infamous dictators beloved pet attack dog (this I only discovered several years after her demise), or c) an experiment, even though it crossed the mind of a visiting researcher on the physics lab (I haven’t forgiven him to date).

With the reflecting I enjoy the input of fellow wargamer Chaos Beakie, also known as the Quirky Question Guy or the Gobbo ‘Shroomgardener, who has the canny ability to raise the abovementioned quirky questions, or at least inspire one of my own. As a result of the discussions I then proceed to ask one or more other feral, I mean fellow, wargamers for their opinions or point of view. If I am lucky I get even half decent answers that almost tangents my questions thirteenth syllable. (Although sometimes I realise it is best to head in the direction of the tangent, diverging the discussion even further, or get rid of the mud-or-fudged cakes on the mud-or-fudged plane.)


One of the latest questions I would like to share with you who happen to read this post, and I would also like to know your own personal answer:

Which army book or codex, of any edition is your favourite? What makes it so?

For Chaos Beakie himself it seemed to be the current Orcs and Goblins book that he was most fond of, but I can’t recall how he motivated his choice. (Maybe he can fill in the blank in the comment section as well.) Spyrer again was a undubitable fan of the old 3rd Ed chaos hardcovers with enormous amounts of fluff and gloriousness. He did add that when it comes to playing 5th ed Hordes of Chaos would come out on top.

For my part I would go the 6th edition books and choose High Elves as my personal favourite. This is very strongly a sentimental choice as it was where I started, there is no point denying it. But that is what it should be for me. The rules in the book means very little to me, as I had not gotten very deep into the game then yet. Then again the design the images – all those drawings of black eyed gracious elves and their horses, dragons, armour. Small texts of fluff every where, even short stories. And a page of letters recounting a lost human expedition. But really, all of this times book could get me to start an army – they inspire me like no one of the current ones do. Sure, I like the current Skaven one in terms of how the rules explain how the Skaven work. But needing two lexographers to keep the FAQs in check each game tells something about it. Then, the fluff and the new illustrations of Skaven don’t resonate with me. The new High Elf book is also very nice in that no unit is really crap and the design is beautiful, but its hard to connect with the Asur like you could through the short stories in the old one…

So, which armybook is your favourite?



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