LXVII – Beastmaster’s Call

Roe_deer_rådjur (2)

The roe deer hear the call of the beast master. Last weekend I went deer hunting in the dusk with my new camera objective.

I thought I’d share a set of work in progress pictures of my Marcus with you guys. I have not done WiPs before, for some reason, but now I will, if not for the feedback, then for the perspective.

It was hard for me to decide on the skin tone for Marcus. On one hand I’ve painted a lot of fair skinned elves, and as such the usual native american dark skinned Marcus was intriguing. But, then it would be nice to go against convention. But most of all, I got a bad vibe from the dark skinned Marcus. There is something about the features of him, the skin tone, everything that reminds me too much about my gym teacher. Could not have that.


But they turn tail when they see that he isn’t painted yet.

So, after the Waldgeist I was eager to start with Marcus, to get to the real deal of my crew. The Sabertooth is also very anticipated, as is the Razorspine Rattler (with more dread of all those teensy scales). So, here’s some WIP pictures of my Malifaux Marcus with “alternative”, fair, skin. (The moustache came there spontaneously while doing the brow. But I think it fits.) Damn, it’s fun to paint minis when they all matter like they do in Malifaux, quite unlike like the n:th Clanrat in a horde formation. Can’t wait to get to Raspy and/or Kaeris! 😀




What do you guys think? Help me out before I am too far gone to save! 😉


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