LXVI – Germination

Spring is getting here early, and it is time to crawl out from under the covers (even though it would be very warm and comfy to stay there a bit longer). With the sprouts we also see some life in our Malifaux adventure.


To be specific, we actually had a game! Wihuu! How did it go? Well, bad things happened…

We began by simply having a Witchling Stalker and a Hoarcat Pride try to kill each other rather unsuccessfully. In the end, after a suitable number of manouvres simply for the sake of trying the out, the kitteh got fed.


Then, encouraged by our immense (un)knowledge of the rulebook, we took a Henchman Shoot Out at 25 soulstones. No. I just lied. We tried out the rules in a slightly larger scale – with one very important strategy: Turf War.  Target time 1.5 hrs (compared to the suggested 45 mins).

I attempted a Crazy Cat Lady (read: mum) inspired crew:

2x Hoarcat Prides

while Chaos Beakie rolled out

Samael Hopkins (with Molotov Cocktails)
3 Witchling Stalkers



The concept of having 5 turns to do stuff felt tight and pressing, just like reading about having only 6 turns in Fantasy. Man, you can’t do anything in that time! But you can.

For instance, you can have a awkward moment together with your opponent when both Black Jokers turn up at the same time.


To sum up, it was fun. I tried to cat-missile, and got close, but got no cigar. We learned that most of the time you seem to do Minor damage (no Severe Damage happened), which affects how you look at the stats. It’s really no suprise when you think about it, but one gets a new perspective when actually doing it in your wild nudity.


But most of all, it is really refreshing with copletely different rules to what can be found in the Warhammers and Hobbit. We are like two fresh princes! I even got to Shapechange Myranda into a Snake and kill off Hopkins (above)! And thank you for asking: Yes, it was very satisfying after failing with a Cerberus Leap and Charge.

After finsihing up some of the Hobbit minis I painted up a Waldgeist as well. (More on the Hobbit in a few days.)

DSC_0959 DSC_0958 DSC_0961

I went for a very simplistic scheme on this guy to keep him as woodsy at possible, and to contrast with the base. Alot of greys (love that old pot of Charadon Granite) and earthy shades, with more vivid greens on the “lianas” and bright blues for the eye sockets. Like how he turned out!

Now, if any of you know why there is so little talk about the Hoarcats and there uses, please leave a comment. I like the furrballz!

Thank you for reading! Let’s hope I’ll have more things Malifaux to report shortly.


3 responses to “LXVI – Germination

  1. Very nice painting. The eyes in particular are excellent, and I’m really impressed with the basing.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the game too. It gets even better when you have the schemes to work on.

  2. Thank you! 🙂

    With the eyes I finally got use of what I’ve learned all those times when thinning paint too much. 🙂 As for the basesI have a long time wanted to put much effort and detail into basing/the bases, but that isn’t too reasonable with 40k and Fantasy armies. I’ve approached it a bit with my High Elves recently, but with the small model count in Malifaux it can pay off well. These have been inspired by Sybarite and Moetle on the Malifaux forums.

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