LXV – A Sinusoid Road To Victory

To break up all the hobbitry going around, me and Mr. Easter managed to get in a Warhammer Fantasy game at 1600 points. Mr. Easter had not tried out the Khaine magic rules, so it was time to give them a try. At 1600 points – was it reasonable? (Any comments on this is welcome! Is Khaine magic better used only at larger points? Left for christmas? Always?)

As a parenthesis I have also decided to do take a complete time off from 40k – as a bit like a 40k fast – until Easter. Just to take more distance to the game and thus heal the burn out faster. Yes, this is a bit off from the original concept of fasting, in some sense, I don’t really enjoy it right now so the loss is not felt, but nevertheless I’ll get a new perspective on wargaming. For the record I’ll also leave out ebay, as well as SoMe to some extent. So some excess is left out to give perspective to my life as it is. Ebay is bad, so bad. This fasting is not for the sake of the religion but rather for the sake of introspection, which often is a (one of the many) centre point(s) of many a religion. End of parenthesis.

It was time for a Dawn Attack! On a game board like thus:

A couple of buildings, a few fences nothing too spectacular. The marsh in the middle gives a unit mostly in it regen 6+.

Leaving my usual 2400 point MSU list home due to the size, I decided to do a Lothern Sea Guard list (my favourites!). I think words underlining friendliness was whispered beforehand, and a fluffy sea guard list seemed appropriate. Just before, though, I realized a soft elf list with little armour could be ill matched against this list. This fear was echoed by Mr. Easter.


The Asur force consisting of
A Loremaster (Alarielle) (Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Preservation)
2 units of Reavers
2 units of Sea Guard (~27)
A Skycutter
2 Eagles
2 Boltthrowers

faced the druchii raiders


A level 4 Dark Sorceress
Witches 10
Corsairs (ca. 23)
Black Guard (ca 20)
A Kharybdiss
A Boltthrower
A unit of CoKs
and 5 Warlocks

The Dark Elves maintained the impetus and charged along the High Elves, that tried to form a defensive shieldwall in the rather dense terrain. (DE rolled to go first, no seize.)

The game was rather straight forward, as it gets with a shooty list versus a fighty list. Starting positions are seen in the next two pictures below.

DSC_0943 DSC_0944

The first Dark Elf turn the reavers left are zapped by magic. A smoking horse shoe is all that is left of the squadron. Right a combination of shooting (shades and boltthrower), and magic (Warlocks) remove most of the other Reaver unit and the Skycutter. High elves move minimally. Buffs from the lore of heavens (reroll 1’s for all within 12″) help the counter move. The warlocks are removed, and a few corsairs.

Mr. Easter felt he was fighting uphill before, but with a strong first turn and a superiority in the magic phase, the tables are turning.


I kept spamming fireball on the Corsairs (a bonus to cast helps even out the two-level magic proficiency difference). He had a few means to get more dice, which hurt.

Every turn I lose more Sea Guard, but not too much damage is done in return.




When the lines are about to clash it looks like this. Not too good fro the High Elves. A few redirectors are available, enough to get another turn before close combat commences (below).




A miscast for the druchii helps even things out, as does a decent combat phase with the help of a few buff spells.


But then the inevitable happens. A thin line of asur against a thin (but hard) line of druchii scum, and  filthy beast.


Victory is solid in the hands of the druchii. But he will leave no room for chance, and buffs up his units. But miscasts. The sorceress leading the force is sucked into oblivion, and the blast of sorcerous energies kills off the knights, and all but two black guards, the Lothern Sea Master (that previously survived so many Ws-tests with severe penalties) and the Loremaster.


If that was not enough, the Champion of the Sea Guard is slain as us the Black Guard. The Kharybdis fails is Ld test as it sees its dear masters all succumb, as do the Shades. A complete turnaround. Now, the Loremaster is alone against the Boltthrower.


To make it a complete (phyrric) victory the Loremaster (with 2 forgotten wounds) moves up to the wall to start hurling fireballs at the building with the Bolt thrower.

First try.
Two dice.
Box cars.

With a boom of colours, the Loremaster of Hoeth disappears.



That was something. Obviously had the game been more competitive the spellcasting would have been less to take home any of the two obvious victory positions.

What really did the damage in this game was the magic. I kept spamming mostly fireballs – a boring approach, but it kept the pace. The Dark Elf tried a variety of spells. And again this seems to be the main benefit of the Khain magic – you don’t just six dice the one spell, you do the smaller. Still, the starting point of 4D6 (while evening out the power and dispel dice pools) seems excessive. Anyhow it will be interesting to see if this is a forewarning of the coming editions magic rules. Also, Mr. Easter pointed out that cover and intervening terraing helped out. And indeed it did, most of the time I was hitting at 6’s!


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