LXIV – Woods Awoken

After last nights session of Battle Companies I kept out the Hunter Orcs I painted last year to finally get them painted. The motivation to get these done has not really hit me, since we
a) played so little LotR/Hobbit SBG, and
b) when we do I rather do Rohan instead.
But now, with the Battle companies I wanted to get them based too, to add a bit of felt effort for my friend General Anderson’s, from now on also known as General Portkullis, warband that he borrows from me. I’ll soon write up a short report of the progress of the battle companies. The cliff notes version is: loving that we are doing Lord of the Rings again!

Thus, this morning I pulled out the sand and glued it to the bases. I will keep it as simple as sand, paint, maybe grass, maybe tufts and presto! But while the glue had barely adhered the sand to bases and not even started to dry my eyes caught up with the lovely black box that had arrived a few days ago. My Malifaux Waldgeists. On was the work on these then.


I have been scouring the internet for what Malifaux sources that can be found. Especially Marcus seem a bit forgotten about with all the new crew boxes that has been coming. Previously I had just started with the Claw and Fang box and a box of Hoarcats (just because a) kitties, b) nice minis). They will have to do the work as objective runners for now. With Malifaux hard to get by in this town, no country, when an order to a certain british internet miniature seller was being placed I decided to grab one of the Waldgeists to add to my crew. I was a bot torn between Silurids, Molemen and these, as I would probably need some cheapish, or super fast, objective runners. These would be line blockers or brutes (sort of) instead. With a part Avelornian, with relatives in Mirkwood and/or the asrai, the wood men or treants seemed like a way to go. Adding a wood of 2 x 50mm as a tactical (0) action does sound useful and with hard to kill, unimpeded and another source of negative flips they can be quite hardy.


When opening the box I liked the models even more, any doubts hidden fast in the sand. One of them has a bit too much twimsy twigs to be stuck to a leg, but otherwise no complaints. An episode of Castle later and they were glued, and soon after I found myself basing them all to fit with my Marcus crew (and not any potential Pandora crew for the future).


Well. That was a surprise. Now we will have to see if we really can get that first game going next week (and if I can get one of them painted ’til then)…



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