LXIII – A Company Formed

We actually got our company properly formed and engaged, and got our first evening of Battle Company games in. In the very first Easterlings and Hunter Orcs clashed, while Rohan and Isengard fought on the other half of the table. While I can’t give a complete description of the other games events – a highlight would be the demise of the Hunter Orc leader, which really is painful in the first game – I could give you a brief run through of mine.

Both sides played the same mission: six objectives were spread out on the battlefield, and after one side had broke on a 1 the game ends. The one with strongest control over objective D6 wins. A real phyrric victory is possible.


I set up a shield wall in the middle half behind a hill, throwing spears up front, with archers and my leader (Merry in the pics) in the back. Uruk-hai scouts deployed similarly, but behind a burned down building. First hail of arrows (read 2) slays his leader. Second takes out another character. Éywindur, the master marksman, scored hits and kills like toting a machine gun. Ironically, after the last gathering’s rules summary as “worthless archery”, I now felled every single one of the 7 strong Uruk-hai company with long range attacks (throwing spears and bows – 3 and 2). Amazing.


Then, while I faced the Easterlings in a second game, Isengard fought the Hunter Orcs twice ( two games of which I know zilch.) The Rohan company, now with characters on horses (Yay!), was ambushed by the Easterlings. The Easterlings weren’t very good at hiding, so they threw away their cloaks instantly and formed a shieldwall, while two archers hailed down arrows on the Rohirrim. This game felt almost totally different. I decided to try to thin down the numbers of the easterlings from afar, spurred by the previous success, but also aware that with equal numbers his armour would prove all the difference. It did not work out. His lone archer was the one to score the first kill, and even with all throwing spears in range for two throws before the battle lines hit nothing could make even a dent in his armour. This kept on into the fights, where I could not score the needed 6’s to wound. With all but three men down and only 2 men of the east in the dirt, I decided to take it on the run. Luckily one of the felled ones was a Cataphrakt, that died to his wounds. This will help in the coming weeks. With the obtained gold I was now able to get another horse, with the end result being +3 horses -1 throwing spearman for the two games.

Now, I would ask of you guys, would you buy horses for your characters or simply just do those 3 gold rolls on the reinforcement table?

These Battle Chronicles will be back in about two weeks, after our next evening of Hobbit habits!


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