LXXI – A Friend of Murkel’s

I like reading around on the internet on all things war- and board-gamy. The armies I focus on are generally those I play with High Elves – Skaven – Vampire Counts – Dark Angels – Orks. But also Malifaux, general pretty painting and conversions. Being here, you probably do it too. It takes the mind off the real world, and even thought the real world’s a nice place it might be nice to bubble up.

The new edition of 40k has been feeling like a new pair of shoes that you have to buy and start using. Because, those shoes are the only ones. The old shoes you had, you’d had for a while. They’d got comfy and started to fit your foot in that weird almost too comfortble way. No matter what socks you wore under. If you even wore socks under. Then they broke. The heel was completely worn down and you had to replace them before you turned out to be too much Vimes, or just plain barefoot. They look almost the same. They are almost the same. But they aren’t the same.


But then you start walking with them. You bond with them everytime you lace them. And you start to notice the differences. The things that make them special.

Looking for new approaches, or ‘inspiration’ might really be a better word for it, to the new edition I have been scourging the internet. Orks have gotten a special place in my heart after a these years – role playing a Mek Boy in Rogue Trader doesn’t help either; so the-waaagh is a well known place. There, as we on dakkaseer and all those I found discussions tagged as “Orks” “Daemonology” “Summoning”.

First I could not really accept it. Orks should be naturally resistant to mutations. Orks don’t like deamons cause they make them uncomfortable. That Daemons are considered are a bit OTT at the moment did not help. But I let it sink in. Over time I have become fascinated with the idea. Weirdboyz have not realy caught my eye with the new codex.


Murkel is a weirdboy. He’s a real odd boy, and quite possibly a mad boy too. No right-minded ork dabbles with the forces of chaos so light-heartedly as he. The boyz even trust the local pain bosses around more than they do him. And what’s up with the hair! No real ork has hair – only hair squigs! But they don’t mind him as long as he stays in his hut in the swamps.


My idea is this: for a round 70 points you get a Warp ‘ead (lvl.2 psyker) that generates an extra warp charge near a unit of boyz or nobz. That gives two rolls on the table, and always the Primaris. The summoning spells are mostly power level 3 – i.e. you need like 10 dice to reliably get them off. And you’ll probably come up with a double and take a wound. But then you get a unit worth >100 points!  Gimmicky, but add another level 2 and start summoning!

So here is where I am. I have a Murkel in the making (and four other weird boyz to do the job while he’s out of town). As is a Herald of Tzeentch on a shroom disc. The summoning options are many, and so are the conversion options – the summonings should of course be properly orky in the end. So my disc rider is an old herald of tzeentch (that one with horns, a staff and a bit too many heads on his robe). I simply swapped his head for a perfectly fitting night goblin one. as soon as I get the shroom done he’ll fly to my painting station. For the rest I am unsure on how to proceed. Squigs are one option, but I am heading toward using Savage orcs as a base. Let’s see…

For now I have settled with repainting 10 of my old Goblin Town gobbos to fit the role. Tzeentch is the chaos god that I find most intriguing – and in terms of game pally I like the thought of starting a real factory. Check out the first one:

10941705_10152998061204798_1599414694_n 10638150_10152998061279798_607691356_n 10943289_10152998061159798_1347915052_n

I took these hastily with my cell, so the colours are a bit off. But I am quite satisfied. They look weird and otherworldy. A last minute addition was Runefang Stee to the hair and in spots a over to further add to the magical feel of these counts as Pink Horrors. Mr. Easter said while, making sure that neither I nor the Necron player cheated last wednesday, that I have all the colors there is in my ork army. I disagreed at the time, but in a moment I wont anymore…


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