LXIX – In review, and forward

Happy new year everyone!

One of the things I started this blog for was to keep track of my hobby progress and reflect upon that. Last year in february (that was late!) I did a similar post – and now I actually have a comparing point! Wee!


So what was the big things that was going on? My Dark Angels’ second company got a lot of attention – fluff, a perspective and epiphany. That’s something. But bigger is the beginning of Malifaux! It did not go very far though, and we’ve yet to play a game! ūüôā My gaming group tried an Escalation thing. But what escalated in me was only the Ugh! Now I feel I need to take a step back with 40k for a while, and my Harbingers of Repentance. And I have to come back to add the new edition of 40k – still don’t get that¬† it happened.

In fantasy I kept working on my high elves. Perhaps I realised too that vamps are a bit boring when competing with Skaven and High Elves in terms of different ways of waging war.


But it should all be broken down into numbers:

Last year I painted   123 minis (size 1,5)
2013 i painted           183 minis (size 2,0)
(decrease by 60 minis, or -33 %)

Last year I bought     127 minis (size 2,1)
2013 i bought             157 minis (size 1,6)
(decrease by 30 minis, or 19%)

But what I was looking for was to decrease my stash of unpainted minis. I found a couple of bargains found on ebay (cursed it my be!) of a three sets of 15-20 Swordmasters and White Lions; as well as 60 more ork boyz to get that green tide to a reasonable size. I was held back in terms of painting between finishing my degree (good), and participating in that dreaded Escalation campaign (bad).  (40k is still like *ugh*)

For those of you who doesn’t like counting, I was set back 4 minis last year. With moving forward 26 minis 2013 its still alright.

This year I think I will be doing less mass, and more quality (but that can change soon). More odd projects, more conversions. I might kit bash or convert some guardsmen for my Dark Angels – they might become Browncoats, or something else (female troopers – less boobs, more troops). After looking at some threads over at the-waaagh and dakkadakka I think I might make some orky daemon summons (too, or instead). And the new Skaven releases might have something for me. Anyhow it will be Eclectic!



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