LXVIII – X-mus Finale

I hope you all have had a jolly christmas! Before any of you five very dear readers make any New Year’s resolutions of not reading too much crap on the internet I wish to actually, really pull this year’s X-mus Speshul mini-campaign to an end. And this year I will unlike all the (1) years before. I promise you stompy death and the usual dose of betrayal!


But first a Christmas bunny!

First a fast recap. Last year I came up with a set of scenarios interlinked with a intensely holidayish plot that coincides the forces to the planet Korvae Thun Turi in the most intensive winter season of the planet. All of them are hunting, for one reason or the other, the secrets of the Ork Mek Mastermind (well aren’t all meks) Santa Klaws.

The first two missions are covered in the previous posts *here* and *here*. The boyz were really at it, so they managed to get a third game in, to break up the boring score of 2-2-0-0 (Eldar-Nids-Tau-Vostroyan) by pitting winner against winner and loser against loser. At the time of writing I can’t recall how it all ended? (Perhaps someone can refresh my mind? *wink, wink*)

But it does not matter who got where first, because moving a small army around on a planet is quite easy to follow – and the real winner would be the one who could secure Rude-Oolph. (If they dare!) Taking what I learned last year, and (g)listening to the player’s endless complaints (with more or less one ear), I tweaked the scenarios from last year to make things go smoother while reinforcing the story. This meant in practice that the Ork forces were optimized to make the player’s forced to focus less on killing each other and actually cooperate while still competing for objectives and throwing sticks in each other’s wheels. Also the board, and the deployment zone, shapes and sizes were tweaked, and a non-random turn order was chosen to speed up the game. The latter allowed players on doing their turns partially overlapping to save a lot of time, and keep the focus up.

The last versions of the missions can be found below:
#4-Present panic
#5-Santa Klaws iz coming

Game 4 was all about grabbing presents (small relics) from the two center lines of the game boards while some ork speed freekz are harassing. This was the easy one. Four trukkloads of boyz with a Boss each, a couple of fliers, Deffkoptas and a Looted Wagon would be pouring onto the board from turn one, after the Vostroyans and the Eldar, followed by the Tau and the Tyranids.


The deployment and terrain can be seen below. Only presents with 20 mm bases counts for in game objectives.



The Tyranids surge forward sneakily trying to block the board edges to prevent orks driving in.



Meanwhile the Vostroyan have set up a firebase in another corner.



The Tau are ready to strike, but keep several units in reserve.




The Orks harass. This ork force proved to be a good distraction. They did little damage, except for a combi-skorcha now and then, but the armies really needed to commit to remove them.



Above, the Vostroyan Vox casters scream out order to take down the Tyranid monstrousity. These two guys were at each other’s throats from turn one. Meanwhile the Tau and Eldar kept back a bit. Eldar took a bit of early damage by both the Tyranids and Orks, though.




Da Pink Tanker screen the battlefield for targets impervious to the damage of the Tyranid Warriors.





The Vostroyans take cover as the Burna Bommer do a bomb run overhead and take out a friendly unit nearby.

In the end the game was very close for all parts:
Imperials – 3
Eldar – 4
Ork – 1
Tau – 6
Tyranids – 6

The Vostroyans had several objectives close by, but their plans were thwarted by incoming fire. The Eldar faced a similar situation. But, the two highest scorers did it like it should be done in Christmas times – and a draw was certain.

In game 5 the forces face their final task. They have found the Christmas (Machine?) Spirit guarded by Santa Klaws and must now claim it before the others. A stompa and a green tide (read: meat shield) is on the table. For the first, the last and every third, hull point taken from the Stompa (with a Kustom Force Field *hur, hur*) gives a victory point. The Wreck, if they destroy it is worth another 3.



This was the hard part. As intended (I mean, I can’t let them win just like that can I – it’s christmas for Gork’s (or possibly Mork’s) sake! The first salvo from the Stompa took down a large chunk of the dangerous elements (read: Fish ‘Ead heavy shooters). I did not think one could see Fish ‘Ead tears when they walk around with fish bowls on their heads – but I saw a few. The Orks died phenomenally, and after a few turns only Rude Oolph was left.

So to sum up: Orks win. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

But I did promise you betrayal. Now see, our Space Marine gone Vostroyan tall blonde Boy Scout has this thing with alliances. The words are big and the promise is certain. But sooner or later – inevitably! – his guns are all pointing in his ally’s direction and booming them to smithereens “in the name of the Holy Emperor”. *sigh* The only thing left for you to do is to betray him faster than he can you.


Thank you for reading! If you want to do this mini-campaign with your buds go ahead! But then I demand that you tell me how it goes! πŸ™‚ Comments are welcome as usual!


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