LXVII – Kinslayer

Finally, my MSU High Elf list was pitted against my(/their) arch-nemesises – the dreaded Raiders of the Lost Arch (nowadays they’re only nemesises).


Dark Elves are an army that causes the head-aches of a typical mirror match. Same stats, same tools. But they always have some nasty edge – re-rolling wounds, hating or their nasty magic. But the games are always awesome against this player; they are always on the edge and very even.


My MSU force in it’s current blurry state.

This time it was a Meeting Engagement scenario (I play this 40% of the time it feels): diagonal deployment, who gets delayed. The Dark Elves deployed got to go first. In the middle we have a nice Frenzy+Hatred area for the Dark Elves. Otherwise it is nothing special.


Here is my deployment, far away in the corner with my shooting superiority, I would be focusing all I’ve got on those Executioners, while keeping the B-Guard/Cauldron away. The slowest model, the Skycutter was the only one to get delayed.


The Dark Elves are all here, and they had deployed quite spread out. Something my opponent would consider a mistake later. He was a bit confounded on what to do against my list. (That’s why I usually like to keep chainging the list  – to keep my opponents guessing.)


Early-game shot, the crossbowmen behind the skulls in the centre are fleeing, and will soon be decimated by a fireball. The Sorceress in the unit will just survive.


These Swordsmen would be a real pain. I was very happy to get off such a nice combo charge as this (led them on with a Sisters unit). They weren’t run down, and 10 or so survived. They soon took another charge from one of the Swordmaster units. What happened? 7 Swordmasters got their clean elven arses handed over to them thorougly by them. Well, well… We got to know who were the real masters of the art of swordsmanship. Especially amusing, because of the respective units’ fluff.

The game ended as below. I got a few units left. The Skycutter failed two consecutive dangerous terrain tests from the grey hill while smashing into the Executioners, haphazardly diving between the cliffs. The Dark Elves have their Unkillable Dear Lord [sic], sorceress and their cauldron unit left. This means…

A great (*cough* minor *cough*) victory to the High Elves!


I got the game to work rather well I think, a few optimistic gambles failed – especially a few optimistic fireball size choices (“Supersize me!”) where a probable smaller size would have capitalized on the situation. But it gave a bit of flavour to a fun game.

I still am enjoying this list very much. The games are all close calls, I get to work in all phases, and it looks quite large with all 1″ spaces between units. I am also quite satisfied that it can take on hordes better than I expected – it has taught me to appreciate the edition more, and look deeper. Also, I have a good variety of units on the board, and I could vary it even more if I wanted to, so this could also appeal to the hobbier gits out there.

In terms of MSU you can expect a Dwarf MSU vs High Elf MSU early next year. And in the coming week(s) I will share my first Stompa game of “ordinary” 40k, and the final games of the X-mus speshul! So keep checking for updates!


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