LXVI – A Malifaux Confession

Although I tried to keep myself from Malifaux-gluttony I ended up painting Myranda for my Marcus crew as well. Me and Chaos Beakie are sharing the rulebook, and he holds it now over the weekend, as I have had a quick read through. That translates to: no games have been played yet. The rules look nice so far, and clear enough. It will be easier to say something after another read-through and a game or two, followed by a final read through.

(Again, sorry about the pictures. I don’t know what has hit my camera. I need to go through the settings carefully during the weekend.)

DSC_0936 DSC_0937 DSC_0939 DSC_0946 DSC_0947

(Did you know that I actually haven’t read through the new 40k rules yet? As in through-through. That’s a confession for you.)

I am looking forward to the game! There won’t be a batrep of it, it would serve no purpose other than shame and higly intensive face-palming, possibly with an overhanging feeling of guilt, shame and dumbassery. But I could possibly give you a picture…

We are heading for a shoot out of 20 soulstones, meaning Myranda will lead my crew. Right now I am happy I picked up some hoarcats for some cheap models to put on the table. I am looking at something like:

(Sabertooth Cerberus as a Shifting option for Myranda)
Razorspine Rattler
2 Hoarcats

with 3 soulstones for upgrades. Beginning with only cats on the table is also tempting.

and maybe some upgrades (I’ll double check this later, mind you)

If you have got any pointers in terms of upgrades or dos and don’ts against Sonnia Criid I would be happy to hear from you!


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