LXV – X-mus again! pt. 2

The boys have just finished the second round of the Christmas campaign. This time they were trying to get some answers to where the secrets of Santa Klaws can be found. Apparently eager they have also scheduled the last game as well – meaning the last game seems almost mandatory. Each time an army wins it gains a small christmas present for the rest of the campaign – we have had a Chronmetron, lucky blue paint (with a cigar) and a portable light switch handed out to Eldar and Tyranids so far. Yes it’s 2-2-0-0 so far, that means, that in the last game we see winner vs. winner, and loser vs. loser. (But they must surely know that Orks always win.)


This last game between Nids and Fish’eads apparently was a very tight one – a real nail biter, with 0.2 inches being the difference between victory and defeat. A long one as well, as it took 6 hours (at only 1250 points). The last game is Scenario 5 from this year’s Bay Area Open (linky to the official source). A few of us have been interested in trying out the BAO rules with combined scenario types – here goes!

323170_md-Boy, Christmas, Clause, Elves, Holiday, Orks, Santa Claus, Snow, Weird

Finally, some pictures from the Tau-Tyranid game (courtesy of the players):
WP_20141125_004 WP_20141125_23_06_26_Pro WP_20141125_22_52_53_ProWP_20141125_005


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