In Malifaux Purr Things Happen – A Malifaux Hoarcat Pride showcase

I quickly jump to another Malifaux project – a Hoarcat Pride for my Marcus Crew. Take a look at how they turned out.

I could not stop myself from painting another mini for my freshly started Malifaux Marcus Crew. I had been waiting so long for them to arrive. Next up was the first base of Hoarcats. Generally they aren’t found in a Marcus list it seems, with people adding Silurids, Canine Remains, Raptors or whatever, from what I have gathered on the blogs and forums available. However, I liked the models so much that I decided to give them a go, if not for anything else, then painting.

DSC_0928 DSC_0929 DSC_0932

Here they are, my first base of hoarcats! The box came with three 40 mm bases and three stat cards, for the choice to have one or more on a single base. The model is a “hoardcat pride“, so one cat per base seems a bit thin. With the basing I wanted to do three seemed a bit crowded again, and a simple calculation supports the idea to make three unique bases of two hoarcats each from two boxes. I guess that will be my plan. (At least one will be Raspys personal, with Raspy-basing, whenever I get to plan that.)

The colours I had decided upon was that of the bobcat (Lynx Lynx). (I don’t know which one of these is Bob.)

At the same time I want to add a, perhaps, better picture of my Jackalope’s colours. It’s hard to take good pictures when its dark all day.


Before I actually held the models built in my hand, I was very uncertain on the scale and what it would mean. Malifaux is 32 mm, while Warhammer is 28 mm. The latter is also “heroic”. I had expected the Malifaux models to be slightly larger, but the picture below says something about the true scale. (This is also the first time my conversion of an imperial commander for the Ork Apocalypse formation with a commander and 9 Nobz. “I am Kroot!” – it’s already old, I know.) Alright, the Sabertooth and Cojo are huge, but Marcus and Myranda (seen here) are both (rather) ordinary humans…


That was the important stuff. 🙂 At this point I actually could make this a bit of a review (maybe rant) of the fluff and the models. Before I and Chaos Beakie, also known as The Gobbo Git, also known as the Eldar Trickerist, landed firmly upon Malifaux ground we took a bit of a look into Warmahordes and Infinity. For us the deciding point was mainly on minis and fluff, as this potential new game would be more of a side game. The worlds and universes where these games takes place did not resonate with us. You get a bit spoiled with the 30 years’ worth of warhammer fluff that has been gathering dust…

Malifaux seemed a bit more intriguing than the rest, but I also found an attraction to the game mechanics (but that’s another story).

When assembling my Marcus crew I noted one thing that has come up often. The size of the different bits was very small on several occasions, while not necessarily adding to the cast detail. For instance, the Jackalope had a head of two or three pieces, one of the hoarcats came in 5 pieces. One does not simply glue that up. This one I give to GW, their experience can be seen in the models they make. They are easy to assemble. Also, the price per model is something I would like people to think about when complaining on pricing…


4 responses to “In Malifaux Purr Things Happen – A Malifaux Hoarcat Pride showcase

  1. Hi there, I’m an editor for a wikis called Monster Wiki . I’m in the process of adding a few of the critters from Malifaux, and have recently written a page on Hoarcats (the page is if you’re interested). I feel it needs at least one more image though, and was hoping you would give me permission to use one of your photos, specifically the first one, of the two cats, the grumpy one looking at the camera. It’s just an awesome paint job. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you want to keep your photos exclusive!


    • Hi Fil,

      Cool wiki you’re working on! I’d be happy to let you use the photos for this, especially if you could link to the image or post from your wiki. 🙂 Thanks for contacting me.


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