LXIII – X-mus again! pt.1

Last year I set up a Christmas mini-campaign for the boyz. The concept was that they all wanted the prized secrets of X-mus, held by Santa Klaws on the Ork infested planet Corvae Thun Turi. You can check out the blog posts from last year with the links below:

X-mus speshul pt. 1

X-mus speshul pt.2


I had actually intended to do a longer follow up then, but never got around to. Let’s see if I can do it this year!

Last year the campaign consisted of two games where the contenders fought 1 vs. 1. We then gathered up for another 3 games now with neutral orks trolling around. The first was a Planet Strike-ish mission with orks in the middle with four bastions – controlling the bastions gave victory points. The second was a Present run, where the players had to pick up presents from different stashes and return it to their own, control zone. (This was an interesting concept, but staggered as a result of tiredness, too large game board and too intensive Speed Freak harassment.) Finally, the armies face the wrath of Santa Klaws riding in his Stompa (with the X-mus ?machine? spirit, the very prizedliest treasure), the players get victory points for taking Hull Points off the Stompa, and finally for holding the Wreck. As a result of the players having only 1000 points to play with, they didn’t hurt it. Again, the set up was alright, but this time it was even later, and we had a long day of playing behind us. The ideawas to have players kind of work together to take the stompa down, but they didn’t. 🙂

This year, I have adjusted the missions as necessary, and added a third 1. vs. 1 game for those with too much spare time. The final games will only be two. The question is which? Or will they even be the same. *hur, hur*

The missions revealed so far are (.odt):

#2-Answer Snowman
#3-Bay Area Open tournament mission
The players’ armies are again Vostroyans, Iyanden (ish), Hive Fleet Anthaeus, and Fish ‘eads, now at 1250 points. Of course the armies got a little early christmus present to keep things interesting.

First the Guardsmen faced the Tyranids. The Alien Ant Farm ripped them to pieces (9-0).

And the Eldar faced the Tau, with a narrow victory to the Eldar (6-5).

20141118_174756 20141118_174817

Next up (M#2) is:
Imperial Guard vs. Eldar
Tyranids vs. Tau

Let’s see how that goes! Stay tuned! 😉



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