LXII – Pet

My initial intentions was to begin my Malifaux blogging with a post on the “Why” (Malifaux/Arcanists), “When” and “What”, but I guess this is also a good way to do it. There might come an unboxing kind of thing, but we’ll see. Those pictures were taken with my cell’s camera so they aren’t really good at all.

This is a “see I have painted my first Malifaux mini”post. This is alos my first Malifaux post. (I might have mentioned the game some time ago, but not in the really starting kind of way.) I have a Marcus box – beasties =Hell Yeah! and I am really inspired to progress into Rasputina soon. And maybe, Ortegas. You know, a man needs several crews to play with his Malifauxless friends. (Well I got Chaos Beakie, also known as The Gobbo Git, also known as the Eldar trickerist with me.

As you might have seen there is a special entry in my Dark Angels codex. So, of course the wickedness of this is shared with the Jackalope. So, instead of following the white rabbit I decided to go for this black/red colour scheme. And I knew I had to paint this up first. Further, needing such few minis for a Malifaux crew (Marcus is kind of extempt from this, but, anyways…) I wanted to do more elaborate bases. For Marcus its wilderness, for Rasputina it will of course be snowier. This is what I ended up with.

(An inspiration was Moetle’s and Sybarite’s bases for their Marcus crews over at the Wyrd forums.)

DSC_0910 DSC_0911 DSC_0914

In the bad light, the contrasts in the fur aren’t really seen to full. Wyrd’s minis are more discreet in their detail than the GW-minis I am used to, so more contrasts will be necessary. The fur is a bit greyer than I had hoped, but considering the pitch plack colour of the subject this is probably better…


2 responses to “LXII – Pet

  1. Nice painting. I really like the quality of the Wyrd plastics. And the Jackalope is always entertaining in game, especially in a beast-heavy crew against a very fighty crew; it’s like playing whack-a-mole!

  2. Thanks! Yes, they are. A bit too many pieces it feels sometimes, but that’s a minor detail. I have only got through the rules once yet, but it’s rules really seem like fun. 🙂

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