LXI – Antithesis

One of the big unknowns for me in terms the capacity of a High Elf MSU list is the ability to face a proper horde. Heck, I start sweating when I get close to hordes with my “normal”, or generic, Elf lists. It was time to put the list to the test, as on the other side of the plains a greenskin horde ranked up…

…and what we saw, was not only one horde of one hundred, but two hordes of one hundred night goblins (in parentheses you find the Swedish Comp Scores, or how they can sometimes utterly fail):

Savage Orc Great Shaman (-33)
2 Night Goblin Warbosses (2*-4)
Night Gobbo BSB (-10)
-Standard of Discipline (-2)

20 Bunker Gobbos , full command (-3)
-Fanatic 8 (-2)

100 Gobbos in a pointy horde, full command (-122)

100 G0bbos in another pointy horde, full command (-122)

40 Savage Orc Big ‘Uns (-42)
-Two hand weapons
-full command

6 Trolls (-16)

2 Rock Lobbas (-14) – 6 War machine points
2 Doom Diver Catapults (-22) – 12 war machine points
2 Spear Chukkas (-4) – 2 war machine points

These war machines result in a total of 20 war machine points giving another comp of -24, leading to a total of -12,7 Swedish Comp score. (A translation of the score could be: 0-7 powerful, 8-13 average, 14-20 friendly.) So a “negative average” is like… total gobbo style. Here the swedish composition really seem to fail. (I’d like to hear any comments you have on this if you will.)

My usual SWE Comp is around 13-14  (you can check a previous post for the exact list). Yeah, and this comp is positive, just so you know. 😉 Also, the Great Gobbo in question is not intending to push any limits (you can probably see that when looking at the list), he just likes his gobbos and actually uses most of his collection – a few wolf riders, snotlings and a giant is on the shelf, that’s about it. What one can read from the comp score is that the list is not “balanced” in a sense – all points are stuck in either war machines and even more in extreme hordes. It can also be noted that splitting both of these two mega hordes into 2 smaller of 50 gobbos would net a comp-score of 100 per horde, suddenly the score would be a positive 7,3. But that’s enough of a discussion on the topic of comp scores.

*Tries to distract* Look, look at all the gobbos!


All the elves as well!

Rolling for terrain and mission & deployment gives a relatively open battle field – two houses some mundane fencing and a bane stone (re-roll to wound) in the top right.


After setup, the gobbo side looks like this:

The gobbos tried to castle up to keep the elves from attacking them piecemeal while the warmachines would rain death on the elves (wonder what the savage orcs thought about the concept of waiting for combat). The trolls were unfortunately far away from the general, and the leftmost mega-horde was apperently trying to take a bit of a breather in the building and then pass through to get some freedom in their attack vectors (but that might be giving the gobbo tacticians too much credit).

The elven battle line spread out much more, and covered most of the deployment zone. Note the hole in the battle line around the bane stone. When it comes to most units, the more vital units when taking on the hordes, leaving a hole there would have been a good call. Leaving the 6″ radius completely empty perhaps not, as you see in the later pictures. Why? The initial deployment was decent in itself, but, as you can see as the battle progresses the archers are blocked from shooting. A good place for (one of) them would have been  right beside the bane stone. If they’d taken a hit from a rock standing there, fine, then somebody else hadn’t. (Sorry guys, you are expendable.)
DSC_0918 DSC_0919 DSC_0920

The reavers from Ellyrion vanguard to start harassing the enemy early.


Both sides roll a 1 to get the first turn, so the Gobbos take it with their +1 from finishing deployment first.

And to begin with  100 Gobbos squabble (that’s like more models squabbling than in my whole army I realize). The Trolls stumble stupidly a  few inches forward. The rest of the battle line stand still.

The winds of magic blow strong (6+4), the Elves evening out the magical lead of the gobbos with a channel. The shaman casts Brain Bursta at the Reavers (18 + lvl), which is let through, suspecting a hand of gork for some additional shenanigans. The magic phase is then ended, however.

The Elven warmachine begin their positioning. To the right, the silver helms and the eagle move forward, ready to take out the warmachines starting with that bolt thrower (I now this guy, he might be like sneaky lucky).


In the middle the units move forward and spread out. The Tiranoc Chariot and the middle Reavers drink from the Wyrdling well, the Tiranoc healing a wound it had taken previously from warmachine fire, and the reavers gaine unbreakable. Not too good I realize after the initial joy. But it’d have some uses I was sure…DSC_0925

The eagle and the other reavers are ready to pick of some weak spots and harass, while opening the  line of sight for the Sisters to the trolls.


Magic is rather uneventful after a (6+5) that is formed into a thrice savage orc slaying fireball by the Loremaster.

The Gobbos seemed dumb-struck by the elves running around criss-cross. How do I know? Well they *all* squabbled. That’s a 1 in 1296 chance. And the trolls, well they stumbled forward stupidly. This means the magic phase was no more than rolling up winds of magic (3+1) for the sake of it.

The shooting compensated a bit for the shaky beginning of the turn. (But did the gobbos really want to move much anyways? Perhaps into the tower?) This is summed up with one Doondiver slaying the whole unit of Dragon Princes ready to hit their burning lances into the trolls and panicking out the nearby unit of Sisters of Avelorn.

The Great Eagle to the left charge the lone warmachine.

The rest of the army close in on the greenskins.

DSC_0928 DSC_0929

The unbreakable Reavers block charges, with reinforcements behind in form of the other reavers, an eagle and the BSB on Peggy (eagle).

The magic phase is weak with only a 4+2 for winds. Spirit Leech is stopped, but a Medium Fireball burns 5 Savage Orcs medium-rare, something that really just is to the enjoyment of the Greenskins. Sisters puts a few wounds on the trolls, and the archers try to size down the Savage Orcs.

In the greenskin turn its squabble time again. But this time only one of the units (the leftmost) is affected and charges the unbreakable Reavers. The bunker unit moves up to keep all units in range for inspiring presence and the BSB, this releases the fanatic that hits the UnBr-Reavers and slays them. (Yay, no reform for the gobbos.) The other blocks move slightly forward.

The winds of magic blow well for the Gobbos (6+3) and they manage a Hand of Gork (dispelled) and an ‘Ere we go, that the Loremaster lefts unhindered as the time is not yet ripe to fight the Savages.

Shouting a war cry, the Battle Standard Bearer charges into the Bolt Thrower planning to overrun into the bunker. The Sky Cutter, already damaged from war machine fire, smashes into the bunker. The rest of the army attempts to tighten the noose and the flankers are ready to hit the war machines, while the archers killing the Fanatic and the bolt thrower hitting the Savage Orcs. The Sisters of Avelorn take a few more wounds of the Troll.

DSC_0931  DSC_0933

The overrun is successful and the BSB hits the bunker!


The Reavers and the Eagle are positioned to pin down the Savage Orcs.DSC_0936

The tension is rising! Will the Asur emerge victorious?



The bunker unsurprisingly hold with both the general and the BSB alive, but the gobbos take wounds off the Skycutter far faster than I had expected.

Gobbos turn 4. The rightmost unit of Gobbos squabble and surge forward and charge the Swordmasters. A night gobbo warboss charges out of the unit to help the Savage Orcs clear away the chaff, but his best efforts do not bring any striking benefits and the double flee of the chaff hinders the movement of the battleline. (The trolls pick their noses and fart.) The remaining gobbos enter the house.


“Charge!”, the gobbos half squeal half scream and slightly yell.”

The skycutter is lost in the combat…
…but the command bunker breaks and is run down and scattered in the nearby forest. Wihuu! A gamble paid off! In the magic phase (3+6) ‘Ere we go is attempted, but the random range of the spell is not quite enough to reach the Savage Orc.

In the 4th turn of the Elves its time for some action. The White Lions (fail) and Tiranoc attempt to hit the flank, while the Sword Masters, White Lions with the Loremaster and the Archers charge the Savage Orcs Head on. The Silver Helms start chewing through the warmachines, the Great Eagle position to take on another.


The magic phase with winds of 6+2 is also paced up with a Miasma (dispelled), Iceshard (through) and Wyssan’s (through on Sword Masters – comm: should maybe have been on the White Lions). I am still unsure if this was the right move, to charge the orcs…? The result is a slight loss and a dead unit of White Lions (Wyssan’s on them could have saved one and kept the unit stubborn – now I instead maximized damage output with a 1/6 better wounding on the Swordmasters). Hard. All units but the Tiranoc flee.


The swordmasters win against the gobbos, but the gobbos are steadfast and hold under the leadership of the warboss that survives with one wound.


The rest of the game is mostly running around and mopping up. The swordmasters regroup, and a turn later charge the trolls killing them. The swordmasters in combat with the gobbos are strook down in spite of help from the archers. A key point is the warboss running down the fleeing Loremaster (he takes a bolt to the head later).

DSC_0945 DSC_0946 DSC_0947

Savage orcs try to charge down archers but are denied savagery!


Two Swordmasters break from combat with the goblins and rally (saving me 150 points – yay). DSC_0950

The result is a 285 point victory to the goblins! Close, but no elven cigars.

Another fun game! (I write that all the time, don’t I? :D) I did know that it would be a hard struggle from the beginning, but in the end it went rather well considering. I got a break with the trolls being out of leadership range, and as the gobbos where a bit pinned by the castling up and a lot of squabbling.

My own game would have been vitally helped if the archers had been placed by the bane stone. This would have allowed them to take off a rank off the Savage Orcs, potentially winning me the combat and saving me both the Loremaster and the White Lion unit… Phew.

The name if the game has been mostly 40k, especially for the gobbo player (“Chaos Beakie”) who got seriously burned after our Blood in the Badlands campaign where he forced himself into playing too much and, perhaps even worse for him, intensive book keeping between games.

As a parenthesis, I must add that I fear I am getting into a similar place with my forced Escalation of my Dark Angels. I really did not want to pushed them hard, but rather to explore the codex slowly over several years. Now I want to do all but 40k… In the words of a very dear person: Pööp!

As usual – thank you for reading! If you have any comments on, well, anything go ahead! For instance: do you have anything you would have done differently?


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