LX – Of Mice


A week ago I spent a whole evening as a mouse. A couple of friends came over, and as the board game geeks we are we had planned pulling out Mice and Mystics for another go. While last time we did two attempts on the first scenario, while trying to get a hang of the rules (while the rules are simple, small details slowly add up to big mistakes). And now, finally, after slaughtering a bunch of cookies and cranberry scones, we got through it on our 5th attempt in total! Lovely challenging rules!

Initially I had thought that the first scenario would be a walk in the park, get to know the rules kind of thing. You know, slaying a bunch of giant rats in an old lady’s cellar. But alas, no. The story picks up immediately and the game is on from the first tile. And I must say, the story is a very good one, a nice general feel of fairy tale, with a nice touch of fantasy on top. While it might seem silly to say that a grown mouse of a man genuinely fears the caterpillar that he encounters in some moisty old tunnels under the kitchen floor it really is true.

I won’t say anything more about the plot, as I think it is too good to be spoilt by a random gaming blogger, than we got away and in the next scenario my favourite character joins in – Lily! (Which whom I called dibs on before we even started. Hahaa!)

Now I am – no, I dare say we are all –  really looking forward to seeing how it I all continues. Cheese for the cheese wheel!


This game also has the added benefit of inspiring me to pick up work on my Skaven. Squeek!


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