LIX – Halloween

It is not unheard of that someone gets a bit of a seasonal jitter. Last year I wrote a few holiday scenarios revolving around an Ork planet Corvae Thun Turi; the Supreme Boss of which was Santa Klaws, my interpretation of the legendary ork hero/villain/sadpanda. With a few improvements to the scenarios this mini-campaign will in all likelyhood happen again in december. If you go back a year in time on this blog you can find some of the posts related to that under the name “X-mas Speshul”.

This week the cunningly wicked sneaky git, thealmost-leader-of-the-Gobbos also known as the Eldar-of-Trickery also known as the Chaos-Beakie-that-has-been-lurking-in-the-post-office, came up with the idea of having a Halloween kind of scenario. This would be a slightly Kill Teamy thing, where a band of Space Marine squad would try to infiltrate through a horde of Zombies. A google of the concept finds many others who have braved the Zombie hordes in a similar fashion. A call to arms later and we were a mighty three Gits of the Rectangular table (and a pet Jackalope).

True to this Sneaky-Green-skinned-Eldar-lad-who-writes-new-rules-in-the-margins-of-the-codex the rules evolved with each inch of movement, but the rules can be summarized as follows:

-The team is roughly 6 minis
-All work independently
-6″Auras are used where fit (e.g. painboyz, Chaplains…)
-Reason should be used when collecting a team (2+ saves are bad, not too powerful, most should be red-shirts…)

So, we had Squad Adonai lead by Seraphicus:
-Veteran Sargeants Adonai of the Harbingers of Repentance with a bolter and a power sword
-1 Marine with a Missile Launcher
-1 Marine with a Plasma Gun
-2 Marines with bolters


“The Guardians of the Galaxy”
-Tyranid Prime with Bonesword & Lash whip, Rending claws and a bad karma
-A noise marine with his squire of a cultist
-A Kommando Nob with a power Klaw
-2 Kommandos



“The Guardians of the Galaxy with better boyz”
-Tyranid Prime with Bonesword & Lash whip, Rending claws and a bad karma
-A noise marine with his squire of a cultist
-Boss Snikrot
-2 Kommandos, one with a burna

The opposition – the dread zombies and ghouls and Dire Spyders of the Utterly Terrible Halloween Apocalypse!
-Grouped in 3
-Were Zombies, with a move of (-2), i.e. 4″ or best of 2D6 through terrain, or a 2D6-2 charge. Stats and abilities as in Vampire Counts
-Ghouls. With rules as in vampire counts: T4, poison (4+); also, regen=Feel No Pain.
-Dire Spiders: Beasts. Poison (4+). Always move 12″.
-They are all fearless, and do not crumble
-These could either move or attempt to charge. If they charged, and failed, they just moved forward instead.
-Models within 18″ of a player model are activated and move towards the players.
-At the end of each ZPmbie movement phase, if models are available, the players rolled a D6: on 1 nothing happens, on 2-3 3 zombies animate, on 4-5 3 ghouls animate, and on a 6 3 Spyders animate.
-If a group of the enemies get within 2″ of another of the same type the form a new bigger unit together.


In the end we crammed the table with terrain (the best spawning points were observed to be two pools a third of the table in towards the centre). The teams mission was to start on the landing pad, go to the other corner of the table, spend a turn undisturbed there and return with the information acquired.


How did we do… Well, in the first game with the marines, the chaplain took the first turn and overheated his plasma gun. Later the plasma gun equiped marine killed himself with his own gun. We reached about half way… to the other corner… The other game went even worse. And the third game… yeah you get the drill. But it was very fun. The Space Marine teamed worked best (low initiative orks are not really good here), and we are eager to try it again. The n  ext time with a flamer… 🙂


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