My gosh I am late this time with the Escalation update! A trip to Scotland (where some birds pooped on me twice) is what I blame. But the trip was super (in spite of the poop) and now I am back. (I did not know you could get some sort of jet lag from a two hour flight, but yes you do. Or I did, at least.)

Dark Angels added a Land Speeder, but only got it built. Yep, I have now pushed the Dark Angels for six months. The Orks have got a new Codex, but I have only tried it once. From the beginning I have been jumping a bit back an forth between Orks and Dark Angels and asking myself whether it should have been Orks in the first place. We’ll see how things sort out soon. But I feel I risk getting real fed up with the Mahreens for a long time.

In september I did manage to do a lot of other hobby work, especially on my terrain. And a battery of Big Gunz. Oh, how refreshing it was! With two games I score 3 VP this month. this month I attempt to add a Drop Pod (new) and a Tactical Squad (stash).

Necrons built a Annihilation barge and a Destruptek. For 1 Vp. Destroyers are coming up.

necron thingies
The Tau keep up the pace with two added missilesides. All complete for 3 points. What is coming in a week is yet unknown.


Tyranids have been hording up, not on models or on army size, but on points. A completed 2 Zoeies and a full completion of games give him another 5 points. Boy is he a machine. A Prime is coming soon.


This takes the scoring to:

Army Faction Bui Pai Bas Mag Con Play Tot Army size
Harbingers of Repentance Imperial (DA) 6 3 4 0 1 8 22 1051
Hive Fleet Antaeus Tyranids 5 5 5 2 0 8 24 893
Mont’yr Vral Tau 6 4 4 0 0 5 19 955
Cotokh Dynasty Necrons 5 2 2 0 1 6 16 1375

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