LVII – Beholder


Do you guys know what these are?


These are safety goggles. These are what I will be using whenever I do anyhobby related cutting, scraping or bashing from now on. Why? Well, as I have said a few times I have been in the miniatures hobby for about 10 years. In ten years now twice, in 9 months, I have got foreign objects in my eyes. Don’t take me wrong, I like foreigneity – for instance xenos, they’re real top n’ blossom. That said I don’t like having it in my eyes.

First. In January I got a big chip of plastic from my Ravenwing Command Squad in my eye. It came out after some eye-crobatics and only caused a minor infection. This friday my mat knife’s blade cracked against a magnet and a moderate amount of splinters found themselves in my eye. On friday night you can really just wait until monday, especially since it did not disturb me too much. Nonetheless, I failed my feel no pain rolls.

On Monday I still had a couple of dots in my eye and went to the doctor’s. It was an older man with greasy hair and a bit of a slouchy appearance that curled up my eyelid looking for remnants. But no, he did not want to do anything with my dots, and he really could not see what it was he said. Perhaps the pieces had pierced my cornea, he said. Pain was again felt. I was not fearless. I got another appointment for wednesday. (And some nasty salve that wouldn’t go where I wanted it to.)

Now on Wedneysday I went to the real eye doctor. Together with some other, not too unpleasant treatments, again my eyelids were curled up and looked under. (No, I don’t have loot hidden there. Or a pink invisible unicorn.) The high point of the treatment, however, was what was to come. I can give you some clues: I don’t like needles, I don’t like people doing stuff to eyes. Yes, people poked my eye with a gorram needle! Bleaurgh! Luckily I only had got a cyst in my eye after the “incident”, I don’t want to ponder what they would have done to me if something still would have been lodged in my eye.

This, dear readers, is the reason why I will use safety goggles when doing hobby stuff with plastic or knives from now on. You might look silly, but nobody will be watching anyway…

(The doctor took a picture of the cyst before poking it with a needle, below.)




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