LV – Return of the Ring (and some terrain)

In the recent month our Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit SBG has awoken a bit once more. The Escalation campaign hangs a bit heavy on a multi-interested wargamer, an opinion I seem to share with another partner in games. It all started with me lurking on the forum The One Ring, where I came  across Erunion’s Battle Company rules. When we first started Lord of the Rings, we bagan with a Battle Company thing. It was nice, slowly adding to your force. Back then we used the Battle Company Redux rules found in White Dwarf. The rules were not really balanced for us a steering Rohan, Isengard and Wood Elves, with a later addition of Easterlings. This of course was not helped by some odd rolls and soon led to my horses running down almost everything.

What Erunion has done is basically only a face lift. However, it is a face lift with pondus. A lot of work has been put into adding all the new unit types for all available factions, including the new ones from the Hobbit part. Also, the promotion charts seem to be more balanced. (As the game will hang on only a few rolls it is easy for some oddities to happen and really get one player ahead or on the back foot.)

A new buddy is also interesting in seeing more of tabletop warring, and previously I had shown him and the missus Lord of the Rings. As few models are involved (I will give him the helm of my Hunter Orcs) it gives a good opportunity for someone to learn the rules. Yay!

People do seem busy and, as said, especially the ESCAlation league leaves little time for other than 40k. This means that we will begin in perhaps a month or so. But it is something. My own force is likely to be my Rohirrim, but I am actually considering the opportunities to add a new faction. One possibility would be Gondor, but I think I will leave that for someone else (read: <3) to work on. Dwarves have always been interesting as well… But in the end my lack of Outriders and Royal Guard (and a bit too few Sons of Eorl) will give the LotR adventure the possibility to give my force the finishing touches.

But the evoked inspiration can be felt already, and we played a game of 250 points Rohan vs Easterlings.

Rohan had

5 Riders of Rohan (Redshields)

2 Warriors of Rohan, shield (Helmingas)
2 Warriors of Rohan, shield and throwing spear (Helmingas)
2 Outriders of Rohan

and faced the Easterling force

Easterling Captain on a horse
2 Kataphractii, Black Dragons

Easterling Captain
3 Archers
4 Black Dragons, with pikes
4 Easterlings

We decided to go for the Treasure from the Desolation of Smaug. An artefact had to be dug up from the middle of the board and controlled, or ideally carried out of the board. As per usual the game ended in a clash in the middle of the board. Turn two or three, due to some forgetfulness *cough* of the rules (ie. “how do ducking under bridges work and affect movement while mounted”)  the mounted Easterling Captain and his companion managed to charge Grimbold, but did not manage to finish him off. This was likely a real game changer. Meanwhile on a hill in the middle of the game a prolonged fight began. A theme is also seen when we two are fighting (mostly not in real life, except *maybe* when it comes to rules 😉 ), the Easterlings get priority in the eary game, while I manage to take the priority 8/10 when it comes to combat rounds – go horsies. The horse lords might also be uncannily lucky when it comes to winning heroic move roll offs. 🙂


After setting up the game  I again noticed how unfinished my gaming board looks like with the unpainted terrain, so I decided to paint some up this morning. I was surprised on how fast it can be done while not loosing quality. Now I have another finished hill, and a finish yucky pool (I really satisfied with this one) and a based forest. The trees are freshly magnetized – right before the game. Now I just need to paint the armatures and superglue the canopy on (the glue I used does not seem to dry 😦 ).

DSC_0893 DSC_0897


4 responses to “LV – Return of the Ring (and some terrain)

    • For us it took 2.5 hours – this would be 2.5 of actual gaming. Are we crazy really slow? Mr. Easter also speculated that larger games (let’s say 500 points) wouldn’t take much longer – I am not quite sure I agree. I’d estimate we would need to add at least an hour to that time.

      Our opinions differ on how long BC games will take. I think we’ll get through them in roughly an hour.

      • I (the Easterling player) would like to add that the incredibly long playing time was mainly caused by our, *cough* mostly my, poor recollection of the rules. After all I haven’t played LotR since January. A better acquaintance with the rules could probably have saved us nearly an hour of gaming time…

      • Mr. E: “What’s the range of bows in this game?”
        Poisontail: “It’s 24” of course.
        *moment of confounded silence*
        Poisontail: “We better look it up…”

        and later:

        Mr. Easter: “Are you sure X works that way, it sounds iffy?”
        Poisontail: “Now I am absolutely sure!”
        *looks it up and realizes he shouldn’t have been sure*

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