LIV – On the Edge of Ruination

I come from a small town, a village, in the middle of nowhere. People have a good idea of everyone who lives there. In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the forests, there is a ruin. It is a very famous ruin for it is the oldest preserved ruin of Finland, Raseborg. This is something much of the village lives around. If there’re any village activities or events, especially in the summer, they are likely to be on the grass on the edge of the ruins. I might add, that the ruin in question is not very big, because no one in their right mind put too much effort, and money, into defending poor Finland.


Well, the fortification, or castle if you are ambitious, did have value in the 14th century when it was built to defend the important trade routes of the day by Bo Jonsson Grip. It might have been vikings or bandits – perhaps even a battle took place there (that was nice to imagine as a kid). Karl Knutsson Bonde, and later some Totts, namely Laurens (or Lars) Axelsson Tott (already mentionable because of their names) and his descendants. In the mid 16th century some effort had been made by Gustaf Wasa to restore the castle, but it was losing its strategic value for different reasons and soon left for ruination. (One of the reasons for the ruin’s loss of value was probably the isostacy that is very observable in Finland.)

What I am saying is that the town has a heart of ruin…

…or the ruins are in its heart, whatever. Working with some of the town folk at different times some interesting stories of the earlier history of the town has come up. For instance, there was a punk band in the 70’s in town that was called På Ruinens Brant. In swedish this works out better than translated, as it means both At the Edge of Ruination and On the Slopes of the Ruins. Awesome name for a punk band. The local painter actually was very excited 15 or so years ago because he was going to release a CD – meaning that he had copied over the old tapes to CD. I can’t deny that it would be interesting to hear what they sounded like.

But what I am getting to is that I like my ruins as I have grown up around them. Even, or especially, when it comes to my tabletop adventures. Against them Fish’eads some cover is invaluable. And I am also getting to that I know my ruins. But perhaps I will have to let you decide on that….

I bought a set and a half of ruins, one half was stolen by a very tall, not very dark, guardsman to stand on (read: basing material). But, with that terrible time consuming ESCAlation campaign that has been going on for a few months I haven’t got myself to building it. As my dear wee singing bird was flying away to Scotland for a spell, we decided to do a bit more together a few weeks before take-off. One of these thiings was to build these. (She’s aquired a taste for gluing things together. And I must say she’s got a good eye too.) The result you can see below:

DSC_0825 DSC_0826 DSC_0827 DSC_0828 DSC_0829

It seems to be working very well so far. We got it good sized, especially with the help of “foamcore”, and it blocks line of sight well. If you come back for a post in a spell you might get to read on how Tau like to hide flying saucers in it’s cellar.

(It actually started with building a Drop Pod. That is a mini and concept she actually hated – “that’s so phoney and bad…”, she’s said. But, apparently Drop Pods grow on you. Soon I might have a dozen.)



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