It’s time for yet another update of the progress in our little Escalation league. It seems people really have ramped up the speed, as the total points scored this month are higher than before, keeping up with the trend. Let’s hope it continues.

For me personally, I have finally began getting a proper grasp of the Space Marine biker army. But also the actual connection to the army is getting deeper, and after all the ork distractions in previous month this month has been without regrets, and longing for the orks. With a bit more games under the belt, but still not enough to say something final, I have began enjoying the style. At the same time wonder I more than ever how much better a White Scar army would be. The main differences are the differences in how difficult terrain is treated, but also the jink rule (i.e. semi-skilled riders). But more on that in a later post.

This moth I challenged the players to work on their fluff a bit. They got so far that they actually submitted names of their armies. The Tau and Tyranids seems to have something a brewing. Now that I think of it, maybe I will put up a challenge to fill write up some fluff for a couple of points the coming months for you lost souls who have wandered over here. Meanwhile you can read the fluff of my Dark Angels Successor chapter here.

But to the pictures and results:

The Harbingers of Repentance (Dark Angels) successfully added Tactical Squad Adonai to their roster. Together with a game against the Tau (a bat rep of this will come up soon) this scores them 4 points for a total of 19. (Sorry for the saturation/hues. The light sources available weren’t too good. For colours the middle one is most accurate, I think.)

DSC_0892 DSC_0900 DSC_0904

The full army list now looks like this:

Librarian on bike

10 Tactical Marines, plasma, missile launcher
6 Bikes, Veteran Sargeant, 2 meltas, Multi-Melta Attack bike, Land Speeder Typhoon

Which adds up to 976 points. (Note that the pre-escalation painted Sammael was added, due to his singular existence.) Promised for next month is another Typhoon.

Hive Fleet Antaeus (Tyranids), aka the Alien Ant Farm, added a whole bunch of small gribblies again, for a total of 60 small punks during the league. Oh, dear. With a game against the Necrons, four points are scored.


The full Tyranid 793 point list now looks like:


Tervigon; Regeneration, Electroshock grubs, The Miasma Cannon and Cluster spines: 265

3 Tyranid warrior; Barbed strangler: 100
30 Termagants; 15 Devourers: 180
30 Termagants; 15 Devourers: 180
4 Ripper swarms; Spinefists: 68

I overheard the inspiration to add Hive Tyrants and Exocrines one day. Sounds like a nightmare, until then we have to survive with 2 Zoanthropes.

The 4th Incursion Retaliation Cadre Mont’yr Vral (Tau) added 12 Kroot (I have Kroot!). As the Tau still is part Space Pup he added a  further 2 Kroot Hounds for that homely feel.


This, plus two games (vs. Dark Angles, with a cos or sinful?; and Space Tomb Kings) gives him a full score of five points. The total army list now can be seen below.

Ethereal, honourblade 55p
Riptide, ewo, ioncannon, cds 195p
12 Fire Warriors, shas’ui 118p
12 Fire Warriors, shas’ui, Devilfish, ss, dp 218p
12 Kroot 2 hounds, sniper 94p
Hammerhead, submunition, dp 145p

Total: 825p

Next month a Riptide will begin ripping me a new one.

The Cotokh Dynasty took to the sky this month with a full fiver. This from the first (of allegedly quite a few) Doom Scythe (oh, dear) and a couple of games. As if that was not enough, he added a C’tan as well.

WP_20140831_004[1] WP_20140831_16_21_11_Pro[1] WP_20140831_16_21_52_Pro[1] WP_20140831_16_22_08_Pro[1]

The army now consists of 1375 points of Necrons, by far the largest to of ours’. The roster is seen below:

Necron Overlord {Sempiternal weave, Warscythe, Res. Orb, Mindshackle scarabs}
Harbinger of Despair {Veil of Darkness}

20 Warriors, Ghost Ark
10 Immortals

C’tan Shard {Moulder of Worlds, Writhing of Worldscape}
3 Wraiths {2Whip Coils}
5 Canoptek Scarabs

A Doom Scythe

And, finally, the motivational table of scoring.

Army Faction Bui Pai Bas Mag Con Play Tot Army size
Harbingers of Repentance Imperial (DA) 5 3 4 0 1 6 19 976
Hive Fleet Antaeus Tyranids 4 4 4 2 0 6 19 793
Mont’yr Vral Tau 5 3 3 0 0 5 16 825
Cotokh Dynasty Necrons 4 2 2 0 1 6 15 1375

Any comments are welcome! No matter whether they are on the topic of painting, army lists, or tactics.


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