LI – Mice and Murder

Board games are something I enjoy a lot, in addition to the other tabletop adventures I mostly discuss here on the blog. Luckily enough I have a few buddies who enjoy this type of quality time as well. And speaking of lucky, Doctor Lucky got killed five times today.


A couple of friends, or a couple that is my friends, or me and my heartie are a couple and we know this couple… well, they have got this game called Kill Doctor Lucky and brought it over. Could it be any better, as the newly arrived addition to this little family, Baronen (the Baron) tend to get a bit lonely very fast. The objective is simple – find a murder weapon, get Dr. Lucky cornered while nobody sees, and gank him. But it’s not very easy, as things tend to go wrong, and the Doctor really lives up to his name (failure cards played by the opponents). The rules are simple and the game is fast, meaning that newbies can get into the game easily. Lovely.

KDLSomehow I stumbled across another interesting game called Mice and Mystics. This was because, while my girlfriend and I enjoy our games and I’m not very competitive, things can heat up a bit if my opponent is… You see where this is going. We have been playing and expanding out Call of Cthulhu LCG set, a nice game, but we have a bit of a hard time balancing our decks with the amount of effort we want to put into the game. I usually play the monsters (Yog-Sothoth is a favourite) and she has been fond of Miskatonic University since the beginning, and most of the time either one’s deck is clearly better than the other’s. As of this, I looked for a cooperative game that could be playable by two. (The same guys with Dr. Lucky have Arkham Horror, which is another strong favourite, and I have one of the old Lord of the Rings game, so the cooperative games are familiar.) So I stumbled across Mice and Mystic. Looking around the internet for reviews I found some interesting articles, and now we are both charmed by the game.


In the game the characters control a group of mice on a set of adventures to save a kingdom. Each game is a story, with different objectives linked to the stroy line. In a set amount of time, and while facing a bunch of evil rats, centipedes, spiders and other critters, the players must complete the objectives. There is fantasy elements (the mice are warriors, magicians and rangers), there is elements of fairy tale (the characters are mice and the story is romantically heroic) and role playing elements. And you can gain cheese. It sounds very nice. The expansions are new story lines, so there should be alot of different things to explore… Now it’s just a question of purchase!

If you have any opinions of the above mentioned board games, or if you have a nice cooperative game you can recommend, thus potentially reducing the bitterness in my relationship – let me hear from you!


2 responses to “LI – Mice and Murder

  1. I haven’t played either of the games, but they sound interesting. I might have to check them out. I tend to not have too many co-op games, and they can be nice to have.

    I assume that the Lord of the Rings one that you have is the one with the four hobbits and the white and gray cards? Have you checked out the Lord of the Rings LCG from Fantasy Flight? It is co-op, or even single player. I owned it for a bit since I could play it solo, but I wasn’t interested in the investment that the LCGs require.

    I really liked Shadows Over Camelot, but it is designed for more than 2 players and has a traitor mechanic built in. My wife and I played it with each of us controlling two knights each (and no traitor), but it was a little easy that way, I think.

  2. I think it might be the same Lord of the Rings game. There are different story boards, on which there are different paths where you gather tokens. If you do badly on the main plot board you (the hobbits) move towards the darkness or Sauron conquers more ground.

    The Lord of the Rings LCG we considered before buying the Call of Cthulhu LCG, but as the LotR SBG already lives in this house we went for the Lovecraftian theme instead. Now, as you said, one LCG is enough of an outcome. Also, it would be nice to expand the “ordinary” board game selection as well.

    And thanks for the Shadows Over Camelot tip, I will look it up! 🙂

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