L – ESCA m4

It’s again time for another update of our small escalation campaign. This time relatively in time.

For me, the month again began with the eternal confusion of choosing allegiance from the Dark Angels to my Orks. I held to Dark Angels again after reasoning that working on my Orks would destroy the concept. An Ork army could have been successfully built with only components that complement my current collection, but the next steps I’d rather do very slowly.

Dark Angels have provided a very different approach to the game, compared to that of the Orks. Especially with Ravenwing the model count is very low, and that forces different tactics. As said before, I have stumbled a bit when the new edition shook up my concept (i.e. Ravenwing) a bit, but in the end they should do well enough.

Enough words for this time, now to the progress!

The Tyranids loose their lead a bit as, this month proceeds with finishing the Tervigon/Tyrannofex magnetic monstrousity. All bits painted and the base is finished, giving the Nids 2 points this month. A large batch of Termagants is on the table in august. Below is a couple of the pics I got (there’s quite a few combinations in that kit I realize now). And man does he always put full effort into it!


The Necrons shifted up a gear and added two characters (conversions both). All done and with a game under the belt, the Necrons can add 5 points to their tally. Next up is a croissant, that is almost finished already…

WP_20140731_21_59_37_Pro[1] WP_20140731_21_59_46_Pro[1]

The Tau added 12 Firewarriors (and slipped in an Ethereal through the door) for 118+55 points of army and, together with a game, they are awarded 4 points. Next up will likely be a horde of Kroot.

WP_20140722_11_54_41_Pro WP_20140722_11_54_08_Pro

The Dark Angels force was joined by none other than Master Librarian Giles. While not painted, he was converted (built) and based. The painting was unfortunately halted by a too thick layer of brush on primer, so a late stripping had too be done. 😦 As the game was a 3 player Battle Royale version of Maelstrom of War mission 1 – Necron – Tau – Dark Angels, the Dark Angels are too awarded 5 points. The next month the second Land Speeder will be “repainted”, or possibly maybe a tactical squad will be added.

The conversion was a rather simpler swap the torso of the Dark Vengeance biker sergeat with the torso of the DV librarian. The hard part was getting these snap fit models’ parts to fit together, while note squishing together the torso so that Giles would look very short. Also, the left arm was taken from a biker kit, and the left shoulder pad was simply cut off from the libbys original sword arm and hollowed out to fit the new arm. (The book dangling on the hip of the libby was carefully cut out and added to the fuel tank of the bike (see the third picture, just under the hand).

A combination of bits gave the force field generator, that the libby in all likelyhood will be driving around with. This was actually the hardest bit to design, to get a archeotechy look while keeping a reasonable size that conforms with the appearance of the bike, and, most of all, fits with the back wings of the bike. The base ended up being a grav gun with handles and muzzle cut off, and land speeder accessories (the small radar like thing and the signal fork for instance). An ammo pack was added to the side of the back after cutting away the equipment bag on the left side. These were then coupled together with a pipe/wiring piece, also from the land speeder set. Plastic rods was finally added as pipes for some final detail, as was a skull from a bike banner. Presto.

DSC_0763 DSC_0761 DSC_0762


Army Faction Bui Pai Bas Mag Con Play Tot Army size
Harbingers of Repentance Imperial (DA) 4 2 3 0 1 5 15 796
Hive Fleet Antaeus Tyranids 3 3 3 2 0 5 15 659
? Tau 4 2 2 0 0 3 11 827
? Necrons 3 1 1 0 1 4 10 975

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