One of the Ork Apocalypse formations I have been dreaming of the longest is the the Green Tide. For a while there it seemed like something that would be very far away from my reach, but as time went on I got closer. The final steps to actually getting to the number of boyz needed to field to formation I took a month and a half ago, when I ebayed a batch of 60 boyz for about 40 % of the original price. They were painted of course, but that is something that is solved by soaking them in most alcohols and rigorous use of a tooth brush. My grand plan is to have two shoota boyz units scoring or counter charging while around 200 slugga boyz run up and start beating face. *hur, hur* Two mobz slugga of boyz until I get there!

I am ridiculously enthusiastic about building up the green tide and also seeing them all together for the first time (whenever that may be).

I have tried to keep them slightly different from each other. The first two mobs I got, were based on the Assault on Black Reach set, and I began with a simple Goff dark black coulour scheme with white checkers, the second got a bit more red to it to give it some change. The third mob was the shoota mob, which I painted in some kind of euphoric state, determining from the yellow and lilac/pink and turquoise scheme they got. Well, now I am heading back to the dark black Goff scheme! But, Ork mobs should be looking different from each other…

While stripping the paint from these recent boyz I noticed two of them had tyranid carapace plates on their shoulder. It fits amazingly well. The next day I had already bargained some bitz from my Nid player buddy and set off – these guys will be Bug Huntaz! (A little rivalry is always good.) A few days later, he turns up with a bunch of plates of different types. But, he was also kind enough to add two larger plates, suggesting they would fit the squad leader. And sure they do!

This is how they turned out:


The Nob would of course be armed with a combi-skorcha – the perfect weapon to take on hordes of nids!DSC_0741

Group photo. In the background my relic meganobz are getting painted, while a metal Wurrzag is a weird enough boy for a Warp’ead.
These are the three types of shoulder plates used. All fit like gloves.


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