A bit late but it’s time for the second monthly update of our ESCAlation league.

In the campaign we have four participating players with Dark Angels, Necrons, Space Wolves and Tyranids. Except for this first month, we will be doing additions of 1 box (or equivalent) per month, with the option to add another if the basic points value of the contents is less than 70.

This month was a bit slower than the first, both in terms of size, and vow completion. The first month was all about finishing a kill team, and now we began with the actual pace of 1-2 boxes a month. The Space Wolves seems to have been ambushed by the Tau (or are they just braiding their beards?), The Harbingers of Repentance lost track of time while pimping their Land Speeder, and the Necrons are dancing with their flashy glowsticks in an ancient discotheque. What about the Tyranids? Well, they seems to be a looming threat already – if people don’t shape up the bugs will conquer this part of the galaxy before we know it.

The Tyranids completed four points:
-Playing a game against the Harbingers of Repentance (and beat them too)
-Built, painted and based a bunch of small bugs (Termagants, 24)


Family portrait with the new members:
This is turning out to be quite a fancy horde.

These additions takes the Nids up to about 394 points.

The Necrons completed two points:
-Built a half of a Battleforce
-Played a game against Eldar


The Harbingers of Repentance added a Land Speeder Typhoon and a Attack Bike with a multimelta. Unfortunately they weren’t quite finished, as I got lost adding the small details – battleprayers, numberings and heraldry. Well what can you do.

Here’s the state they were in at the deadline:

DSC_0781 DSC_0782

With a full family picture for them too:
DSC_0773 DSC_0777

I am actually surprised over how much I am in the Dark Angely mood right now, although the new Ork Codex is about to hit the shelves. Seeing the collection grow and get painted is really inspiring, as is the Ravenwing concept. With the new edition’s changes to jink, and the hit Ravenwing took with it, I am bit worried about going the full frontal fluff army route. Yet, for the coolness of the concept I will keep myself on that route. But I am not saying I will take some breaks in the form of other companies…

The Space Wolves are currently fighting a campaign in the Eye of Terror tangles in their beards. Trying to solve the tangley issue with fish oil they are now more reminiscent of 400 points of fish’eads rather than the wolves they are.

This adds up to:

Army Built Painted Based Magnetized Converted Played Total Overkill Army size
Tyranids 2 2 2 1 0 3 9 1 420
Harbingers of Repentance 2 1 1 0 0 3 7 0 536
Necrons 2 0 0 0 0 2 4 0 200+M2
Space Wolves Fish’eads
1 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 400

Next months you will  hopefully see:
A Tervigon
Another half of a Battleforce
And, ehrmm… some fish’eads.

Until next month!


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