Fanfare! It is time to sum up the first month’s undertakings in our Escalation campaign.

In the campaign we have four participating players with Dark Angels, Necrons, Space Wolves and Tyranids. Except for this first month, we will be doing additions of 1 box (or equivalent) per month, with the option to add another if the basic points value of the contents is less than 70.

The first month was all about Kill Team – building, painting and playing. As it was the first month we basically basically got  free hands to do what we wanted, including adding a independent character to represent the Kill Team leader (to save a month for just adding a character). I decided to add my previously painted Sammael to this, for the sake of it. It should be noted that some of us have a small head start. to the Necron player who will be starting from scratch. All of us have just started the armies, and have next to nothing painted. In my case only Sammael was really finished.

Now to the works (alphabetical order):

My Dark Angels  Harbingers of Repentance Kill Team consisted of

6 Ravenwing bikers, including a vet.sargeant, a flamer and a meltagun

One of the special weapons will go with another unit, eventually. He even has the markings of another squad. The reason behind this was that when building the Ravenwing battleforce I only had one of each weapon. I also have names for each of these, but I guess I must figure out that later…

DSC_0655 Fullsquad DSC_0654 DSC_0645 DSC_0651 DSC_0652 DSC_0653

I am very happy with how they turned out. Especially of the effort in how much small details I had the inspiration to put on them. I always have liked the bold colour schemes that was widely used before, so I decided to do something similar. Bright, vivid and clean. I have also refrained from doing a lot of weathering – it is something I will do more with my orks, if at all. To top off the old school colour scheme, I decided when painting these to use old markings for weapon specialists, and will probably add in some Rogue Trader style “police” markings as well. The result is a very striking colours scheme, if I do say so myself, and I look forward to seeing an army of these.

I successfully built, painted and based them, and have played two games with the models (against Eldar and Imperial Guard). That brings me to:

5 Escalation Points, and 406 army points.

The Necron Kill Team consisted of

5 Immortals with gaussery
3 Canoptek Wraiths (two of them seems to have whips)


They are all built and faced Tyranids. Well “stomped” might be a better term. Allegedly the Necron force lost only a few wounds (cursings of a 3++ is still heard in the corridors) while the Tyranids were all but completely wiped out. Understandable, as a Wraith with Instant Death is very nasty especially against Nids who are very dependant of their “synaptic” Warriors.

This gives team Necrons:

2 EPs, and an army of 200 points.

Here is pictures of the initial steps. The thought behind this is “Space Tomb Kings”, and it is looking a lot like the Tomb Kings he has been painting up recently. But he couldn’t get enough even after 4000 points…

As mad as this man is, he was about to decide to paint a whole Necron Battleforce next month, along with finishing these guys. This would actually add up to 685 points or so (!), so I and the Nidist suggested that it might destroy a bit of the feeling of progressing together if someone gets too much of a head start. A bit of negotiations later we agreed that he can work on the box in two parts. That allows the rest of us to slog along a bit better. Especially as we are only allowed to use what we have painted this far.

The Space Wolves Kill Team is a

Tactical Squad with a Rhino (a melta gun and a squad leader with a power fist)

DSC09874 DSC09875 DSC09877 DSC09878

Very nice weathering, and freehand on the finished Rhino, and the colours looks very good so far on the mahreens. The Master of Puppies is doing them in a bit of unique (or at least rarely seen) colour scheme, he says. Perhaps he will care to elaborate more on it, and the choice thereof, for next month’s post. Looking forward to see how they turn out.

The Tyranids kept themselves busy enough and bugged these guys too – twice. A real issue for the Nids who lacked shooting power to punch through the tin box. But at least one of the games were close enough to leave only a single model not removed as a casualty. The winner, well… *howls*.

The month’s effort gives the Space Wolves

2 Escalation Points, and and army of 200 points.

The Tyranid Kill Team consists of

3 Warriors (scythed talons, armed to the tendrils with two sets of Big Gunz with magnets – 2 Death spitters and a barbed strangler was used)
12 Termagants (10 devourers, 2 fleshborers)
(2 Ripper Swarms)


The thought behind the colour scheme is Alienesque – which to me translates to very dark and slimy. The result is very good I think, and it will be more impressive the more critters are wearing it.

Painting, basing, magnetising, building and even playing to games takes this guy to
5 EP’s (1 Overkill)
and an army of 224 points.


Army Built Painted Based Magnetized Converted Played Total Overkill Army size
Tyranids 1 1 1 1 0 2 5 1 224
Harbingers of Repentance 1 1 1 0 0 2 5 0 406
Necrons 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 200
Space Wolves 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 200

We’ll see if the all the columns will stick to the end, but it could be interested to keep all of them in.

The next months vows are:
24 Somekindagants for the Tyranids
A Landspeeder and an Attack bike for the Harbingers of Repentance
10 warriors and 5 Immortals for the Necrons
A tactical Squad and a Rhino for the Space Wolves.


For me this first month was a roller coaster of inspiration. I had started off well but I had (have) the nagging feeling I should have chosen my Orks instead. In the end I pulled myself together and found a lot of inspiration during Easter, when I began adding freehand detail. I also got much inspiration from the Brotherhood of the Angels challenge over at the Bolter and Chainsword. I also thought the outcome of the month would look very different with the Necrons strongly in the lead, and me last. But no. In the end I developied a much deeper interest for my Dark Angels. I like where this is going. But, I still fear what comes when the new Ork codex appear in what might be only two months.

Until next time!



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