XXXIX – Initiation

Today was a day of hobby first times. It was the first time my Ravenwing faced Eldar. It was the first time I saw Iyanden Eldar in action. But most importantly – it was the first time an actual game was played on my game board. Woo!

I finally got my game board to the right town this Sunday. (Thank you, dad, for bringing it!) Not seeing the need to hesitate, I decided to try to get a game on it as fast as possible. Succeeded I did, as our Eldar/Kaos Beakie/Orcs and Gobbo player was happy to join in on this adventure. He was the right chap for giving the missus a good first impression of wargaming in the living room.

Two dangerous factors was on my mind: one gaming related, one practical. As said before, I was not 100 % sure there would be enough space, or that it would be too fuzzy for an uninvolved person. Also, I was a bit afraid there would not be enough terrain for a good game.

The social event was accepted -with flying colours I would even brave to say. “Better than to be alone the whole evening”, was one of the comments. While, the first time was lacking with finding space, placing stuff total chaos was avoided. Also, it was proven that we can be interacted with during games.

Terrain, it proved, was enough. Certainly there could be more, especially of the solid line-of-sight block variety, but not all was even used. One can also expand further as fitted. And what was painted looked good.

A success, then! 🙂

I decided to not take too many pictures, so the battle report will be brief. The game was 1000 pts Iyanden vs. Ravenwing in Emperors Will (two player placed objectives in own table halves – Christmas presents and crystals). My list was the same as usual:

Sammael, with dakka banner command squad.
1 full Ravenwing Attack Squad
3 Bikers
1 additional Typhoon


and the Eldar was
Spiritseer level 2, with a shiny rock (got hallucinations, and some run and shoot aura for the ded’ldar)
3 squads of Guardians
3 Reapers
1 Shooty skimmer
5 Wraith guards
and a Dead Large Monster Warlord (who got Hatred as a trait)


I got to deploy first, and did so on the short edge, as far up as I could.


The Eldar deployed in two groups behind the two available large pieces of cover. (In hind sight I should have denied him the cover and taken the other short edge.) Not seizing initiative I scouted ahead in the Night, eager to press on. My objective I had placed in the middle of the board (or as close as I could). The eldar objective was in the middle of the deployment zone, 10-ish” from the edge.




My first turn I proceeded perhaps a bit carelessly. Seeing the enemy deploy in two groups I knew I could take him on piecemeal. The terrain however blocked much line of sight, something that was enforced by later positioning. I also remained an inch or so too close to him, allowing him to retaliate with a decent amount of shooting if I could not cause enough casualties. My land speeders were also out of effective range so they speeded on (as land speeders do). I did a decent amount of damage though, but took enoughdamage to loose a combat squad (and thereby First Blood).


The second turn I tried to fling across the corner. Here I did another costly mistake. A combat squad of bikes shot at the remains of the guardian squad (5-6), intending to finish it off. They totally botched and none was removed, in spite of them being in range of the banner. Being a bit out of position it would not matter for the combat squad would instead assault them, giving them a decent amount of additional move. The remaining bikes would shoot at the further away unit. Piece of cake.

But no, before I know it (and I had the above plan perfectly clear in my head) I declare to shoot with the three bikers at the small Guardian squad. Well, gee. The command squad could at least turbo boost, but the large Guardian squad remained unscathed. Now the Attack Bike had appeared from outflanking, the slightly awkward side, but at least it could remain out of range. The Eldar shooting took out a land speeder and caused a few wounds. They were taking the lead. Still, the Dark Reapers had gone to ground and the Skimmer could only snap fire. The hope was far from gone.

Running up the command squad and the combat squads against the Eldar force, I shoot all I can at the Guardian unit surrounding the skimmer. The fall back form failed morale, but a few are still in the game. Plasma Talons and the remaining Typhoon tried to take down the skimmer, but did not manage even to scratch it, as it gracefully dodged all shots. The eldar retaliated by shooting down a squad of bikers, and a land speeder. Only Sammael and an unscathed command squad, the attack bike, and a couple of bikers was left. The Eldar had Reapers, an unscathed unit of Guardians, 5 Wraithguard, and a wraith lord, the latter in the middle of my lines.


The remaining bikers took down the remains of the Eldar Guardian squad that regrouped after the bolter salvoes had pressed them back. The command squad focused on the Wraithlord. That just had cut down two bikers with ease. A squad firing their plasma talons meant nothing as the Ravenwing grenade launcher missed, and bad positioning gave the giant construct good cover. With stern war cries “For the Lion!” they charged the monster, and while two brothers fell so did the the Xenos. The Eldar focussed their fire on the command squad, and took out all but three. The attack bike was destroyed.


Now the game was being seriously won by the Eldar. Especially as I realized that the Wraith guards were troops. I charge my remaining four models into the unit, and between the corvus hammers, plasma talons and a melta gun, they take heavy casualties. Soon a lone biker stand against a Wraith Guard, a Spirit Seer and the three Reapers. The Guardians run for the objective, and soon also score Line Breaker. This means that the best case scenario is a loss by one victory point for the Ravenwing. The initiative test is failed, the game continues past turn 5. And soon even the last biker is slain…


At last last even Sven fell to the terrible fumes of the Eldar stoolery.


2 responses to “XXXIX – Initiation

  1. Nicely written report, and I felt the pictures added a lot too.

    But I have to say that the high praise of your friend: ‘Better than to be alone the whole evening’ was what really made me chuckle.

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