XXXV – Ongoings and recollections

So, a small little update and a recollection of what last year ended up to be.

Last year was the first year during which I tracked my progress in terms of painted vs. bought models. I had, as an oath of moment inspired by my friends, decided to for once, make sure I painted more than I bought. To follow my quest I set up an excel sheet, which helped me handily track the progress, both in terms of number of models and effort to paint them. To measure “effort” in this case I assign different sizes of models different stochastic variables – an ordinary infantry model is 1 point, cavalry and bikes are 2, a monster or terminator is 3, characters add 2 to the type, and so on. The result can be summarized as:

-Models bought:
157       with a factor of 248
-Models painted:
183       with a factor of 218
-Total points painted ~3000
-Most active collecting:
High Elves     53 – (79)
Orks                 40 – (53)
Lotr (good)    15 – (43)
– Most active painting:
Orks                  58 – (66)
High Elves      54 – (58)
Dark Angels   28 – (37)

Put into words – I painted more than I bought in terms of models (Yay!), but my painting was slightly more focussed on troops, thus increasing the paint effort to do (Nay!). High Elves are still (or again?) the most active army of mine, while Orks remain close second. This is interesting as I started a Dark Angels army last year. Dark Angels I work on with an objective (Ravenwing) in mind. and in a more contemplating fashion. Not bad at all, I think.

This year I again vow to paint more than I can buy. But this year, I add models I got in present last December. This puts me back 40 models. Lets see if I can pull that off.

So far I have gotten a good start on 12 Hunter Orcs for my Azog’s Hunters and my long Dragon Mage, long in awaiting. I have also finished my Frostheart (no more proxying that unpainted Sun Dragon as my Frostheart), and 8 Lootsas (seen below):

DSC_0220 DSC_0222 DSC_0223

Last week I also put those new trees into test as I did a Hobbit demo for two potential enthusiasts-to-be. It went well, both seemed to like it and have shown interest to do it again! (The ent was only a tree.) 🙂

DSC_0226 DSC_0228 DSC_0230

I also managed to loose against Kaos Beakies in a campaign game. Odd game, a couple odd rolls (well, there was lots of them, both ways) with a tactical error to top ended up costing the game for me. It was fun though. But at this point I am really starting to feel the age of Codex: Orks. I really hope the rumours are true saying the update is coming in June (with a new starter box following soon!).


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