XXXIV – Avelorn

Just having finished my game board, but still lacking in terrain, I have been on the look out for good bulk trees. The trees we use in my gaming group are either a set we bought 5-6 years ago from an unknown manufacturer or some I made from pipe cleaners. While the latter are very nice looking, it took quite a few World Championship ice hockey games to finish them. Also, for whatever reason, the price on pipe cleaners have risen from a euro or two for a great bunch to 5 euros for just a few. I guess the demand is high…

A favourite producer of cheap static grass, flock and whatnot is Woodland Scenics. My FLGS has been stocking some of their products which I have tried with great satisfaction. For instance I have bought one of those mega spice cans of static grass (reading on the can I read 50 cu in – roughly a pint and a half), which I got for the same price as GWs and Army Painters cans (perhaps 3/5 of pint). But their products are not all that easy to find here in frosty Finland.

Looking at Woodland Scenics home page you are overloaded by miniature trees, and they aren’t all that well described on their perhaps slightly confusing page. The general impression is that they produce articles for use with miniature trains and the like; with realistic being a key word. (Those trees we bought those years ago were very much like those found in WDs of the early 2000’s, comical and slightly cartoony. Now, I don’t mind cartoony, and I don’t mind realistic, but I do mind things fitting together.) Anyways, in the end I found an interesting set: “Ready Grass Tree Kit 5154”.


A picture of a box does not tell you much,

This kit allegedly contains 27 deciduous and pine trees between 2.5″ to 6″ in height.The trees come as armatures, clump foliage and glue. Did not sound too shabby. An instructional video shows a bit more what it was about. One Ebay seller (“kitlady”) found later and I had bought it. A week later (today), and 26 euros poorer (a reasonable price, especially compared to GW’s 3 trees for the same price, but again, they come with a nice base and fit the style of the game board guaranteed).

This is what I found.

DSC_0227 DSC_0235

There was quite a lot of contents. It’s one thing seeing the numbers and the contents, and actually being able to touch them.  An old Finnish proverb says: “A Finnish man doesn’t believe before he sees it himself”, perhaps this was a case of the same thought.

Well, it did look good, and so I had to try to glue one together. It’s easy to shape the armatures, they are textured and could be painted if one wills (they are now coloured about Rhinox Hide). The glue is good, very sticky and comes with an applier-brush. The result was this (with a half painted Dark Angel for scale). The clump foliage is not so intensely green as it seems on one of the pictures. Now its tome to tune my canopy glueing skills…

DSC_0236 DSC_0237 DSC_0238 Jus

Summing up: if you are look for (a lot of) trees, this might be a cheap and good way to get started. Although 6″ seems like alot in height, they could actually be taller if you want true scale trees. But this size feels hand to move around and store between games. Perhaps I will update further when I have more of them assembled – but for now I just wanted to share my first impressions with you. Thank you for reading.


3 responses to “XXXIV – Avelorn

  1. I bought some Woodland Scenic trees a few years ago, and I thought they were more cost effective than the GW trees. They came in 3 different sizes and seemed about the right size for the Lord of the Rings models (which is what I purchased them for). Mine were all deciduous trees, so I don’t know what the pine ones are like.

    I did have some problems with the clumps falling off after moving them around, but that might have been due to poor gluing. It was an easily solved problem, though.

    I didn’t glue them into a forest terrain piece, because I wanted them to be removable. I found that they tipped over quite easily on their own, so I glued them to 40mm round bases for stability. My plans to create the forest area kind of stalled, though and I just have a bunch of trees on 40mm bases now. It works, but it’s not all that pretty.

  2. As I have have been moving them around a bit, I’ve also noticed that some foliage comes off. I wonder if one should buy their fixating spray?

    I hope to do a further report when I have finished (most of ) them. As you, I have also been playing with the idea to stick them to bases, and then further on some “area plates”. But, some of them will remain on their own to allow for variations in the Hobbit terrain – It’s not that hard to get close to all trees.

  3. I had some of the spray, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. I think that is for if you sprinkle the flock in the trees, as they recommend, to make them look more realistic. I ended up just gluing the larger clumps on again, and gathering up any small ones to use as bushes or something similar. I look forward to seeing them all completed.

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