XXIX – Brave Elves before Christmas

I am just home from the last game of Warhammer before Christmas. After a full week of rest after doing the X-mas Speshul, of which there will be more about shortly, I feel recovered enough from the Warhammer hang over. People felt that three multiplayer games over one day was a bit much, and a few adjustments could be done to the scenarios to make things faster. But I dare claim that people thought it was a fun day of gaming madness. I don’t know the exact interconnection of this fact to the emotional aftermath of the X-mas madness, but we actually have scheduled an Apocalypse game for the 4th of January. WAAAAGH!!

For today me and my eternal Warhammer glutton of a mate had scheduled a soft beer and…, well, beer game of Fantasy. I say glutton, for one game a week is not enough for this guy, two isn’t, and not quite even three but that he will settle for. This guy has this year managed to build a Bretonnian army on a budget as well as a 3rd ed Dark Elf army (4000 pts). Add last year and a Tomb Kings army of similar size! That is manic collecting. (You find him here.)

I brought the ?Christmas? Elves with a soft composition, and expected a mono daemon list. True enough, I found myself facing a mono-Slaanesh list. Sweet! I had not played the current incarnation of Daemons in Fantasy, but I expected a lot of random fun.

My list was the following:
Battle standard bearer on an Swiftsense Eagle (Dawnstone, Dragon armour and Enchanted shield)
Dragon Mage with Dragon armour

2 units of Reavers (5), musicians, spear and bow
35 Lothern Seaguards, full command, shields

10 Dragon Princes, full command, Rampagers standard, Champion has Charmed Shield (because I had points ;P )

2 units of Sisters (5)
2 Boltthrowers


The daemonic incursion was

A Greater Daemon of Slaanesh
2 Heralds, (one of them a BSB on a hellsteed)

29 & 30 Daemonettes
8 Seekers
3 Fiends
6 Gargoyles
A meat grinder of Slaanesh

The scenario would be Blood and Glory with a tournament-stile adjustment – breaking the opponent rewards 600 Vp:s instead of ending the game. Both can armies can break giving both armies the bonus. The deployment and terrain set upcan be seen below – the towers are ordinary buildings and the cottage is a Dwarven Brewhouse. In hindsight I should have placed my BSB in a more centred position to get Hold Your Ground coverage over more of the army. But somehow it felt better to have Tyrion’s own herald by his side with his standard.


Daemons get the first turn, move up, and roll (after a re-roll) a 8 on the winds of magic, meaning that all my units take a leadership test on 3D6 – a failed roll makes wounds equal to the failed amount, to add to the pain – no armour saves can be taken against these. (Well it was a Slaaneshi result, so I guess I should be happy for the thematic coherence.)  Going through my army I fail trice – a bolt thrower and both of my Reavers. On the right flank I roll well for the Reavers (an 11) and as they are within Tyrions mega-leadership bubble BUT also within the BSB so I must re-roll the result *ouch*. So they die. Horribly.

The bolt thrower crew roll an average of 10 and dies, out of Inspiring Presence as they are. Tyrion’s helm might be glorious in size, but it wasn’t that grand.
DSCF3886The Reavers on the left flank passes.


It’s not over yet. The Seaguard standing beside the bolt thrower are panicked by the Daemonic onslaught and flee, right through the Chariot, who panics and flees (in spite of Ld 10). But it was not all that bad. This only meant that a big chunk of my army was tactically redeployed on the other flank. If they’d manage to rally. But with a re-rollable leadership of 10 I was rather confident.

The chaos made the Daemons forget about their magic phase. And moving the gargoyles, but who cares. They would catch up with the rest of  the lines soon enough. Pulling out a whip, the Herald on the left flank proceeds with whipping my Dragon Mage to death. The Monster Reaction test is… wait for it… passed. Luckily it didn’t go worse. What a start!

Bearing the Rampager’s Standard Tyrion and the Dragon Princes dare an attempt at a 19″ charge at the Harvester. They succeed.


Sea guards rally. The Dragon flames the Slaaneshi riders and kills 2 or 3, with another by the Bolt thrower and the Reavers. A volley from the Sea guards fell four daemons. A well placed arrow by a Reaver weakens the grip of the Greater daemon on this world. The opposition is nothing against the Dragon Princes charge and they overrun to avoid a counter charge from the daemons.

The Dark Prince’s host move about again – already almost at the Elven lines.



The winds of magic again results in the same Slaaneshi daemonic incursion (damn you fluff-roll this will end badly!), but no damage occurs. But the greater daemon opens up a portal beneath the remaining Bolt thrower and sucks it into the realm of daemons.



The brave elves tremble! And the nearby Sisters flee, as do the Sea Guard. Both towards the enemy. (Do they fall to the call of Slaanesh, or are they again doing some advanced elven tactics.)



The dragon gets further whiplash injury.


The Elven host is scattered, and fleeing towards the enemy in confusion! What are these mind games! In my turn both the Sisters and the Sea Guard continue running towards the centre of the board. The sisters through the Daemonettes, but only one is lured to death (i.e. failed dangerous terrain). The Sea Guards hesitate before the Daemonettes.


Tyrion et co. move closer to the new threats, along with his own herald. The Reavers unleash a salvo and manage to reduce the Greater Daemon to one last wound! These were turning out to be real heroes! For Ulthuan!

The threat of the daemons’ assault breaks off the Sea Guard who are run down and scattered. The dragon is whipped into further submission. The furious daemon prince half-heartedly chase the Reavers, who are turning out to be a real pain in its delicious buttocks. The block of Daemonettes facing Tyrion call upon the Gargoyles to cover their advance. The other block threatens the fleeing Sisters.

Tyrion and his buds charge into the Gargoyles and rip them to pieces. Now the Daemonettes will not be able to avoid their onslaught! For Glory!

DSCF3907 The Reavers gets the final word and slays the Greater Deamon. No amount of titties will distract these guys!


The Deamonettes on the left decides to face Tyrion, and on the right they charge the Sisters who flee – their only chance to survive is if their can outrun the daemons. Needless to say  they fail and are scattered beyond regrouping. The other unit of Sisters are soon attacked by the Fiends, overwhelmed by the beasts they flee from combat and manages to barely get away (11 vs 12).



Another failed Leadership tests and they flee off the table.

Now only Tyrion with the Dragon Princes, the BSB on eagle and the Dragon was left. So on the left flank Tyrion’s unit charges with the dragon into the Daemonettes and destroys them. They then proceed towards the right flank, right by the forest as the Daemonettes have turned around from running down the Sisters. Suddenly a small host of Horrors appear! They fail to change the BSB with their magics. (Comm: Blood and Glory!) Meanwhile, after finally whipping the dragon to death, the Hellsteed cavalry charges the chariot, which tries to hold its ground but sees its futility after a brief combat and flees. The Daemonettes, who have turned around to face my deployment zone again. Are face by a bunch of Reavers and pinning  them in place for Tyrions charge. Tyrions takes the challenge of the BSB and slays the herald! The daemons are broken! Victory to Ulthuan!

DSCF3913 DSCF3915

Somehow my elves always lose their nerve when they face this guy and his chaos. How many failed leadership tests was that? After losing my Sea Guard to the fleeing and being chased down after multiple mandatory flee-responses I felt like I was in a tight place. Had they held their nerve that last time they would have managed to contribute something to the fight. Luckily Tyrion was there to pick up the pieces.

A fun game still, very odd dice rolling. While I had a hard time to pass any leadership tests the Slaaneshi force had a hard time to make any saves.


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