XXV – X-mas Speshul pt.1

As it is less than a month left to the Christmas holidays I think I am allowed to talk some Christmas. In this case, as expected, it is related to Warhammer 40.000. As I am writing this I am in fact also, for the first time this year, listening to Christmas songs. And Christmas songs for me its all about Frank Sinatra. (Those Cthulhu carols don’t count, and it was like one time, so…)
Many of you might be actively watching the Big Bang Theory, and have seen last years Christmas episode where Leonard prepares a Christmas adventure for their D&D group. Inspired by this, and also inspired by my friend being inspired by Raj having a murder mystery dinner party, I have decided to do a Christmas mini-campaign for my 40k friends. (By the way, people DID show up for this MMDP.) Piece by piece I will reveal here on the blog the missions they play, and how the campaign will unfold.

It all began a few months ago as I was looking for some interesting inspirational Christmas conversions as I hoped to challenge the guys to convert their own Christmassy warlord. This is what I found:
115440_md-Bad Moons, Christmas, Orks, Santa Claus, Slugga, Warhammer 40,000

Above: Sluggaclause by Gitsplitta at dakkadakka.com 

323170_md-Boy, Christmas, Clause, Elves, Holiday, Orks, Santa Claus, Snow, Weird

Above: Powerclause


Above: from darkeldar.wordpress.com

This dreadnought was found here.

An Ork Warboss by Mark Werklund was shown at GW.

And somebody will be bit by the christmas bug.

Apart from these you find chaos warriors cutting Christmas trees, Santas with Bolters (or is it shotguns). It’s hard to not get inspired by these guys’ work. Unfortunately my buddies are a bit pressed for time, and are each trying to finish ?another? 1000 pts worth of models this year, so I changed the challenge a bit and added the key words mini campaign. Now each should make a christmassy objective marker for the All Day Santa Slay- game day we will have December 14th.

So what is this “X-mas speshul” all about? When I read my White Dwarves (irregularly, but still) the articles I resonate most with are the ones by Jeremy Vetock. I connect strongly with his ideas, and often my hobby behaviour is evolving in lines with what he describes himself been through. For instance in this November White Dwarf issue I noticed that I have just started doing the same kind of hobby book keeping he has been, just to make sure I slowly get through painting the heaps of models I have. This is in fact one of the reasons I started with this blog in the first place. Back in the High Elf issue this year he discussed different types of scenarios and how to run them with, or for, your gaming group and how he had done it. This type of thing is just what I wanted to do.

So I began with picking the Christmas theme – how lovely won’t it be to get together for a full day of gaming before everybody is off to celebrate (with) their families and loved ones (or just hang out in the lab). First I wanted just to do this one day of gaming, but I have  got so much ideas I decided to implement it on a slightly larger scale, and here we are a few smaller games ending with a full day crescendo. As my friends are painting up 1000 point armies I also wanted to help inspire them on the way, and thus, the games will all be with pre-chosen 1000 point army lists, if they want to – the very same they are about to paint.

The basic structure is the following: First players play two one-on-one games, before the 14th, and on the 14th we will play three games with 4 players, and a neutral player. Each will be on his own. The last games will be using mechanisms like the ones seen in the recent Triumph & Treachery.

Now Christmas is crazy times. And somehow Ork christmas conversions are perhaps a bit easier to find. So the Ork theme started to resonate with the Ork player in me. So this led to the concept: The four different races (Tau, Tyranids, Guardsmen and Eldar) are all after Christmas, in one way or the other, and Christmas is of course found on the planet Corvae Thun Turi. (According to Finnish tradition father Christmas, or Joulupukki (finnish) or Julbocken (swedish) – actually Christmas buck in both languages, lives in the Finnish fell Korvatunturi.) Corvae Thun Turi is completely in Ork control – and in the starting mails characters as Santa Klaws have been introduced. But more on the fluff later.

In gaming terms the Orks will be a neutral force that will pester the players in the later missions. They must work together enough to control the Orks, but can also use the Ork threat to get rid of, or hinder the enemies. I don’t intend to have very balanced missions, but rather crazy and challenging ones – and in true Christmas spirit there will be plenty of prizes (in-game at least, but we’ll see 😉 ) for both winners and losers.

The first round is now on its way, with a mission like this


This is a simple mission, yes. Intended to introduce the weather effects to the players and letting them get a few games with their lists so the multiplayer games will be smoother. Enjoy.


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