XXIV – Shield generator on Corvus Prime

So my gaming group is getting midway in the Burning Crusade Campaign involving four armies – Chaos Beakies (with occasional transformations into Panzees), Space Pups, Vanilla Beakies (with some puny ‘umie friends from time to time) and of Course the Most Glorious Horde of Great ‘Urghnould (it’s my Orks, see). In the lead is both The Chaos Beakies and Orks rather evenly, both a bit before the other two. So all has been going rather well this far.

The campaign rules adds some depth using “passive objectives”. For every so many kills my Troops make, I can take further Nob upgrades for my squads (or Runtherders) and ‘Urghnould gets a randomly chosen stat permanently improved every time he’s on the alive at the end of a game the Orkz are winning. Right now he has toughness 6, for instance! *Muahahaha* During the campaign I have tried to play thematically, in an attempt to show the advanced tactics ‘Urghnould uses. I strike at old ruined, so called “neutral” places of importance rather than attacking other players (well, unless they deserved to get their teef kicked in). The first player to score victories at each of these neutral strategic points gets a relic of some kind. To earn a victory you must beat an especially nasty mission.

This is where things are going less than well. For I can’t seem to beat this one specific special mission for a Shield Generator on the planet Corvus Prime, and as I am so very kind, I thought I’d share it with you. 😉


Shield generator on Corvus Prime

Deployment & Terrain: The defender sets up the terrain as he chooses and places a Relic counter in the middle of the game board. The defender then deploys his entire army (no reserves unless a unit must be placed in reserves due to some racial and/or special rule, and no infiltrate or scout moves) within 24″ of the Relic.

The attacker begins with his entire army in reserves (may not infiltrate, etc.) The attacker then chooses a table edge. At beginning of game roll a dice for every unit in reserve, on a roll of 5-6 they arrive on turn 1, roll of 2-4 turn two and on a roll of 1 they are delayed until turn 3. Units arriving from reserves can use any special rules such as Deep Strike, Outflank etc. which they posses.

The neutral player does not win the game if no attacker units are present at end of turn, due to unfortunate dice rolls.

Deep striking within 6″ of the enemy unit controlling the Relic automatically results in a Deep Strike Mishap.

The attacker has the first turn

Objectives: The Relic is worth 1VP for every full game turn a scoring unit is in possession of it.

Secondary objectives: Slay the Warlord (if neutral army does not have one, nominate a non-vehicle model to be  a warlord), First Blood

Mission Special rules: Night Fighting, Reserves, Variable game length

Victory: The player with the most VPs is the winner, in case of ties the winner is the player in control of the Relic at end of game.


On the top of this the neutral player, that is the defender in this scenario, can ignore all Force Organisation Chart restrictions and even combine codices. Now before someone gets balanceneurism I must point out that this is not a scenario that is meant to be balanced. The artefacts that one gains when one wins these neutral player scenarios are often very powerful. In this case it one would get a 4++ save on one unit each game, for free (or for a bargain). In the wrong hands *cough* ork *boyz* it can be devastating (allegedly).

I am now torn between the results of a few tries at this. The first game went reasonably well, with me managing a draw. Another game turn and I would have won  – if I remember correctly the game ended at the bottom of 5th. Also some small tactical blunders held me back a few inches also being potential game costers.

Back then I faced a mishmash of space pups and daemons:

I remember facing several small units of Grey Hunters
A soul grinder
A dreadnought
A vindicator
A whirlwind

I had 3 (maybe 4) units of foot slogging boyz.
One Battlewagon unit
A deffkopta or three
Stormboyz with Zagstruck
A Megaboss and A KFF mek.


My force of Orks in the last games.

What saved me was the Warlord trait that allowed me to re-roll reserve rolls, thus not having only a single mob of boyz alone at the table.

In this game I got a few units of boys in early and started running up – I should have risked charging one of these into the small speed bumps he had placed before me, using them as go-fastah bumps instead. Zagstruck also arrived early and picked off the tanks. Soon the Orks dominated – I think I had all but one unit in on turn three.

The second game, only a few weeks ago, went rather differently. This time I faced the new Vanilla Beakies. I had actually thought this would have been an easier game.

I faced more or less a full company – no characters and small assault and devastator units. Two scout units in L-Speeder Storms. Basically the whole collection of my buddy – or a sea of Space Smurfs. I had ‘Urghnould in a Battlewagon with some Boyz, two units of foot slogging boyz, a 6 large scoring Nob Biker unit, Zagstruck et co.


West view of the Beakie Set-Up.


East view of the Beakie Set-Up.


Now, without the reserve re-rolls I got a single unit of boyz on the table at the beginning, Zagstruck would arrive only on third. So the first unit was shot to bits, most of my army came on the board attempting a flanking manoeuvre, but were soon resting in pieces. Zagstruck failed miserably scattering into a pit of goo and taking a bath before resting in pieces. I decided to concede at the end of the third turn to get another go.

Again the other game, immediately after, with the exactly same armies on the exact same table. This time I again got to re-roll my reserve rolls meaning I did not need to keep one lone unit alive by itself. This actually went reasonably well until ‘Urghnould had jumped out of his Battlewagon and eventually died to overwatch. With a 2+. *sigh* Well, that was actually a minor setback. Things went really wrong when I tried to tie together three or four units of tactical squads with nob bikers, and two units of boyz (more or less unscathed). It failed as I could not manage to roll a charge of 5 with the bikers. Had I managed that it would have been rather sweet for me. But now he was locked in combat with most of his army and the rest could just focus on the nobz… Well.


The second assault comes from the opposite side of the Space Marine encampment.


This time Zagstuck et al. worked their magic a bit more efficiently and actually got to throw in some punches. Well, Zagstruck did. His 8 fellows fell to overwatch and higher initiative melee attacks. *Tear*.


‘Urghnould arrive and hit an assault squad in the face.


The Nobz want to hog all the glory and attempt sneaky manoeuvres on ‘Urghnould’s blind flank.


The Beakies redeploy to face the new threat. “Kill the Alien.” This move was a bit unfair as my Boyz would have loved to wrestle with Aliens. Getting their hopes up like that is not all that nice.


*Urghnould’s sneaky maneuvre – before. Trying to connect all the combats by calling a Waaagh!! and using the speed of the bikes. My plan was to connect all the combats to use the resilience and fighty power of the Nobz t oforce some fall back moves. In spite of needing only a short charge move (ca 6″) the Nobz fail to hit home and ends up taking a salvo of lascannon shots and bolter shells.

I shall also thank da smurfz beakie player for two very fun games, even if I got beaten by the working end of his thunder hammer. It is not against many players one can enjoy getting ones rear end handed to oneself.

So I am slowly running out of time to conquer that hell hole, and soon also out of cigars. Thus I ask you for advice.

How would you try to best this mission for the glory of the Waaagh!! Give me some hot tips and help Waaagh!! ‘Urghnould conquer a solar system.

PS: It seems that an mischievous Grot has deleted a bit too many of my pictures in an effort to save space.. be mischievous. I apologize  for that. I will return them as soon as I have time.


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