XXIII – Elves Anew

It is becoming a tradition that whenever either the Dark Elf book or the High Elf book is updated, or perhaps an expansion is released, like Storm of Magic, my Dark Elf playing mate and I draw swords against each other in the new environment. True to this, it was time to pit the new Dark Elf armybook against the new High Elf armybook.

This is one of the things I enjoy most about wargaming – the traditions that evolve beside the hobby that extends far beyond the actual game. Another tradition for me is taking out my Skaven army whenever another gaming buddy turns up once in a while with his Sotek inspired Lizardmen. Unfortunately this guy is now dabbling more and more with necromancy, and so this tradition is turning more into a strong option, or valid choice…

Nevertheless, it is now time for another battle report. The thought behind this game was to try out the new Dark Elves against High Elves, now that both armies have been updated to 8th. While I had had some time to try out new things with the 8th edition High Elves, this was the very first game with the new druchii for my mate. (As a side note, I enjoy the new armybook for the elves so much I actually have not played a single Warhammer Fantasy game with another army book since it turned up – the options are so many and I want to try them all! Moar! Moar!) The druchii list was therefore designed to incorporate as many new or changed options as possible. I on the other hand hoped to make a decent general list with the choices I like the most so far to see how they fare against the Dark Elves. At this point I would like to apologise for the roughness of the battle report and the army lists. It is already a few weeks since the game in question –  with lots of work and a week long trip to Edinburgh in between. (“A lovely place that Edinburgh, but so friggus coldus!” says the Finn.)

Less words – more swords!

The scenario was 2000 points Meeting Engagement. Two elfish armies trying to pincer attack the other in the deep mists. The battlefield was dominated by a river running through the landscape.


The Glorious army of Ulthuan consisted of:

An Archmage (level 4)
-Book of Hoeth
-Talisman of Preservation

Battle standard bearer
-2+ Armour save, rerollable (or close to)

2 units of Ellyrion Reavers with bows
15 Archers with musician
14 Archers with musician

15 White Lions, full command with the Banner of Eternal Flame
20 Swormasters, full command and Banner of the World Dragon

1 Bolt Thrower
5 Sisters of Avelorn
5 Sisters of Avelorn
A Frostheart Phoenix


The treacherous Druchii invaders were:

A sorceress with a Sacrificial Dagger
-Dark Magic

23 Corsairs, full command
20 Spearmen, full command

20 Black Guards, full command
33 Executioners, full command

5 Warlocks

The High Elves deployed first. One unit of archers was delayed, as they carefully guarded the most noble archmage, as was both units of sisters. Unfortunately this would mean that, if the Dark Elves could seize the initiative, they might well have the upper hand in the first magic phase with ample time to cause havoc. The delayed depicted:
And the High Elves after deployment.
Of the Druchii host the corsairs were delayed. Their battle line can be seen below. This is after vanguard moves.
The warlocks skulk in the top search of the purest souls, eager to crash into the asur flank.
The high elves maintain their initiative, giving the Druchii no respite. (Or was it that the Druchii failed to seize it.) The first movement phase sees little manoeuvres. The archers with the Archmage enters with the Sisters on the flank, ready to unleash a rain of Ishas arrows on the warlocks. Both units of Reavers harry the flanks.
The winds of magic blows strongly for the high elves (6+3) and a the Archmage burns his nemesis with conflagrating flames with irresistible force.
Few wounds are caused in the shooting phase with most arrows directed at the warlocks. Their shrouding from their magic saves but one of their number, and soon they clash into the purest maidens.
The rest of the Naggarothi host move forward and the corsairs move up, ready to sweep up, and pillage what the aloof elites find unfitting of their attention.
The water creatures enjoy their stay in the waters.
The dark elf summon the winds of magic (4+3) and the witch attempts to unleash her hexes, but she is not able to harness enough power in her reckless chanting. With a cry to her dark gods she sacrifices not one, but two and then three of her unit. The gods do not listen. Then four and five. Soon none is left in her vicinity but the dismayed spirits of her lesser. Yet the Gods yet ignore her wailing, broken she loses her concentration.

(This was a humorous attempt by the dark elf player to cast the spell and maintain concentration. Then after a couple of failed rolls with the sacrificial dagger and only a few models left in the unit – why stop. She was still out for blood.)
The warlocks crash through the maidens, but lose a few of their number and hide in the shadows behind the asur line (off board).
The battle lines after some more repositioning High Elf turn 2. White Lions face the incoming monsters and infantry.

The Reavers harass the flanks of the elite infantry.
In the magic phase (4+1) the Kharibdyss’ soul is drained and the creature is severely weakened. The archery finish the monstrosity off. The Reavers’ arrows fell the witch ending her frantic manipulations of the winds of magic.
In face of the onslaught and the scent of foul blood the hydra is crazed and runs off in the wrong direction defying its masters. It will not rally. The reavers reposition to direct the Black Guard regiment away from the line, making sure they do not charge the flank of the White Lions.
Finally the Executioners charge the White Lions, the assault leaving them in the wake of the furious waters. (All models in the river suffers a strength 4 hit at the end of their turn.) If the White Lions do not break, they will be in bad shape. At the same time, the warlocks unveil themselves from the shadows.
A challenge is shouted by the champions. Equal in skill both are casualties to the other’s blade.
Not completely unharmed by the flurry of swinging axes of the woodsmen the Executioners cut them down to a man. Facing such ruthlessness the archers behind flee.
The executioners will not stay in the flooding river and runs up to the hill. The Sword Masters turn to face the new threat undaunted by the massacre of their comrades.
The rest of the Durchii line falls upon the Asur, While the Executioners cut down the bolt thrower.
Flying to counter the threat the Frostheart crashes into the Black Guard tearing them into pieces from the skies. The Sword Masters attempt to cut down the Executioners, and then the remaining Warlock both fleeing from the master swordsmen.
Arrows and eldritch flames scourge the corsairs, reducing the unit to but a few men. Soon they fall too.
The Black Guards are driven back by the Frostheart and soon the Druchii threat is destroyed. Ulthuan did not falter!

Another fun game against this druchii scum. My mate soon regretted putting the witch so far to on the right flank. And yes, it was easy pickings. With help of the dice gods in the magic phase I soon took eliminated his wizard gained a strong upper hand in the magic phase. We actually tabulated the rolls:
I also think that the result might have partly been due to bad matching of the lists. This again was perhaps a result of me being intimidated by their new armybook.


2 responses to “XXIII – Elves Anew

  1. That sounds like a great tradition. Congrats on the victory. I always like to see High Elves defeating the Dark Elves. For some reason the pictures weren’t displaying for me. I wish that I could have seen them.

    • Thank you. 🙂 The bitterness and enmity that is rooted so deeply and strongly in the background really resonates in our games, in a friendly way of course.

      I did a bit of a fail and managed to delete them, but just as you commented I uploaded them again. You should be able to see them now.

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