XX – Sammael

-and a brief comparison of Ravenwing and White Scars

After a long time deciding on whether to choose a Deathwing, Greenwing or Ravenwing army as the starting goal for my Dark Angels I finally decided upon the bikers. I had it a long time a-coming, but the prospect of collecting another army was daunting. Especially taking the first steps was hards, as a biker army has a heftier price tag than other, already expensive, armies, especially in a point per euro comparison.

Another problem I faced was on the colour scheme. I hesitated a bit after the new Codex: Space Marines and the quite big points difference in their bikes. “Should I go White Scars?” Painting loads of white would also have been a very interesting project. Actually, after hearing from some internet sources how much better the White Scars bike would be I was stroke by a nationalism. Ravenwing, frak yeah! I still went through my mates copy of the new Codex: Space Marines and looked for: a interesting allies option to strengthen the narrative of the force (or type of force) that I want to describe; interesting character options, as I like to have a super powerful character that is still characterful as the center of my army. (I have this in my Orkz as the orkified caricatures of  those action heroes of old with strangely well developed personalities.)  This last part could have been devised using the relics but in the end they felt a bit bland.

‘N dem Dark Angulz are proppa green, too.

What I found out was that Dark Angels have a very interesting background in comparison to the very vanilla (in so many different ways), well, vanilla marines. They have interesting Chapter Relics that you imagine with awe. They have those big bad ass Chaplains that make sure you respect the creed. But also that the two forces work very differently in spite of looking rather similar on paper (in this case – mobz of biker boyz). In the end I kind of started to look at Ravenwing as something of the 40k Wood Elves. Hit and run tactics supported by a fusillade of fire power.


Predator is one of the action films I remember best from my childhood, and this is one of the scenes in it I remember best.

But, also, Ravenwing has Sammael. One of the, if not the, best miniatures available from GW’s lines. But when you look at the rules he actually is a solid character in terms of rules. The important part, for me, is his ability to ignore instant death, with the Company Masters invulnerable save. His fluff is decent enough, slightly dry and cliché, but it gets the job done. Unless you want to work out another personality using just his rules…

So I got both my starting composition and my colour scheme, the latter from my Wood Elf association. This means I will stick to the green and yellow of the rest of my Angels of Darkness. And suddenly I had a Ravenwing battleforce and Sammael incoming. In the last hectic weeks I managed to paint Sammael, There really is a lot of details on him. I got some great advice from my mistress of colours on his hair colour too. She suggested that he should look aged, as if old and wisened, the miniature shows off a character that can hold his own even in the worst of odds, and still come out on top. I also jumped on the oppotunity to paint aged skin after reading some old left over articles on painting skin on GW’s home page through Google [1,2]. It worked out nicely, I think .

I am also very satisfied with the power sword that looks as if pulses of energy surges through it. It is actually the second attempt at painting a power sword, the first being the one on my Deathwing champion. I also got a good glow effect on the plasma cannon underneath, but I failed to get a decent picture of it. In fact, all these pictures might be slightly pale in  colour, the actual miniature has a bit fuller colours.
samm2 samm3 samm4 samm5 samm8
The above mentioned articles:
[1] – http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m2570007_PaintingFacesMasterclass.pdf
[2] – http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m820035a_Painting_Faces_Redux.pdf


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