On Corvus Prime the Ork conquered Hive Crateris was assaulted by the Imperial Guard forces. But ‘Urghnould would not let them get what they wanted easily.

The Ork forces were:

-‘Urghnould {Warboss, mega-armour, cybork body, attack squig, bosspole}
-with18 Sluggaboyz {Nob, powerklaw, bosspole} in a Battlewagon {red, ram, two big shootas}

-2 units if 25 shootaboys {powerklaw Nobs}

-2 units of 7 Loota boyz

the Guardsmen assault consisted of

-A psyker

-5 Stormtroopers
-Some desperadoes
-Some Veterans with a plasma gun

-A command squad
-Three mortar teams
-Three heavy bolter teams
-Three 10 man sized squads blobbed up with a commissar.

The guardsmen saw the rallying point that manifested itself as an effigy of Gork (or possibly Mork), while the Orks needed to conquer a derelict hab block to establish a foothold and fight off the enemy. These were the Primary Objectives worth 3 victory points. Secondary objectives were kill points, as well as First blood, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker.

Deployment was done alternating in opposite quarters chosen by the Orks who won the roll off. Another roll off decided who got the first turn. Orks win the roll off again.

Alternating deployment

The first turn Orks moved slowly forward, slowed by the terrain. The Battlewagon surged towards the main concentration of guardsmen. Lootas started to pour out an devastating volley, but the initial salvo was inaccurate an managed to kill only a few guardsmen. The guardsmen bravely moved towards the defender that had responded with an counter attack. Some stray lasgun fire managed to slay a handful Orks in alleyways’ killzones, but most casualties caused by the ratling snipers and their masterful shots. The mortar teams miscalculated the distance to their target and their shots missed.

The second turn already saw the mob in the battlewagon ready for an assault. Led from the front by the dreaded ‘Urghnould, orks poured out of the metal behemoth shouting at the top of their lungs. The shoota boyz followed the lead and surged forward while firing off a volleys of shots in the general direction of anything non-green motion. Lootas kept their salvo going. A handful of guardsmen died. Carnage happened as ‘Urghnould slammed into the guardsmen mob like an off-rail mag-train. Desperately the guardsmen hacked and slashed, and the few hits that managed to hit their target was shrugged off by the thick steel plates covering the warboss. The commissar in charge of keeping the men in line shouted orders to kill the boyz. His effort was in vain. A few seconds later the assault turned into a complete rout and the brave men of the imperium were run down by the orks.  (I see now that this is wrong as ‘Urghnould has a mega-armour, allowing neither him nor his unit to sweeping advance!)

DSCF2796 DSCF2797

The imperial guard decided to take their revenge and unleashed a deadly salvo at the assaulting mob. The heavy fire forced the mob to retreat behind their transport. The storm troopers deployed at the flank of the orks, ready to control the effigy. The combined fire mortar shells hit home into the middle of a loota squad, also forcing them to take cover.
The third turn saw ‘Urghnould rally, as did the lootas. The shoota mobs kept moving forward. The storm troopers took some fire, as did the command squad that had joined together with the psyker to hold the centre. The remaining mortars fled off the table. The Orks were threatening to overrun the battlefield.

The command squad, storm troopers and desperadoes combined fire, along with a barrage of psychic energy tore the right-flank mob to pieces. The few remaining members fled to get back for ‘annuver go’, at some later time.


At this point only a the command squad, a handful of desperadoes, three storm troopers and two heavy bolters were left. In a couple of turns ‘Urghnould joined forces with the remaining shoota boyz and assaulted the command squad. Storm troopers and desperadoes were shot to pieces. The final imperials were the snipers stoutly holding fast as ‘Urghnould assaulted their bastion and tore it single handedly into a pile of rubble.


One of my first personal contacts with Warhammer 40.000 was in an old White Dwarf where Salamanders were pitted against the fairly new Tau in a Cities of Death game. It looked immensely fun and ever since I have had the intention to play a Cities of Death game. For a very long time the amount of terrain needed has kept us from actually playing such game. But now we decided to give it a go. Unfortunately it was a bit half hearted in the end. We recapped the rules and decided it was best to skip the Stratagems, just to get the feel for the scenario. In retrospect I think some was lost without them. I think they would really add to feeling of forces desperately trying to get a good foothold in some densely built city. Also we still have a bit too little terrain – or actually a bit too small pieces of city ruin. Perhaps that should be the next project of mine, a decent sized city ruin?

For the game itself it was a chill fun game, as it usually is with this guy. In the end it turned out to be a bit of a walk over, much because of the faulty sweeping advance I’m afraid. One thing is certain, though. Fighty orks thrive in dense terrain…


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