XV – Onesimos

After a long week and a half of mostly work I sat down, exhausted, and finished the Land Speeder bought for the Tyranid game. This Land Speeder, Onesimos, will be part of the Brothers of Caliban’s first Support Squad led by the Land Speeder Tychicus. As far as wikipedia’s information says, these two saints should go together, well.

The lack of markings is done to represent a fairly new Land Speeder, that has seen few combats. Tychicus I intend to bling up to make it look more like a command vehicle, with purity seals, prayers and notes of honourable deeds.

 Unfortunately, the progress made on the Land Speeder is progress not made on the Maiden Guards. And their situation is beginning to look rather grim – vow-wise. But, I don’t like the idea of rushing them. In fact, the last layer on their cloaks was a bit rushed already, so I think I rather take a step back and enjoy them, and return to the project that they are with more heart in a spell.

speeder1 speeder2 speeder3 speeder4


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