XIV – The Workspace Apocalypse, Now

I look at the calendar and realize it is August already. The last weeks have gone preparing for an work assignment that is to happen all next week. But what all has been going on on my workspace since I posted a month ago?


The major painting activity has involved getting the Maiden Guard ready. As I previously mentioned I was challenged by a friend to paint my whole unit of 35 Maiden Guards by the end of August. With only a test model painted, this meant 34 figures to paint in only two months. Now I’ve done this before, if one concerns only numbers, and many will agree it is not a big feat as such, but as this unit is somewhat a hobby dream of mine I want to paint them as well as I can. Here is where I am now, halfway through…

The test model looks like this:

maiden maiden2
Now I am close to getting the first batch of 19 done. I am a bit late, but I think I might be able to get more painting done in August. Can I do it? If not I will lose a beer. If I can I will get one!
maidenall maidensinprog

On the collecting front then? Still not able to shake off my ebay-addiction altogether I bid on three old school meganobz. A winning bid of 4 euros got me three more, for a full unit of 5 Meganobz, all of which are 2nd Ed models! Nice. This also gets me a bit closer to finishing the Bully Boyz formation for Apocalypse, as I now have three units of “ordinary Nobz”, one unit of Warbiker nobz and one unit of Meganobz. As soon as my gaming group bands together to get the updated Apocalypse-rulebook I can get all the details on these. Unfortunately, though, I think I lost my Dread mob formation. 😦


My Skaven also has gotten some love this month. A thank you (or is it a bribe!?) from a dear friend for stripping his minis manifested itself as a Plague Furnace. He allegedly had intended to use it as a Chaos Warshrine, but the new mini is so much smaller he wanted to do something different. I’m happy either way as I now have the opportunity to run Two Towers lists! In a resultant hobby avalanche I now plan to expand my second Plague Monk unit so that it can guard the furnace properly.

It is quite some time since I last built something of the kit and I was surprised by the amount of bits. (Last time was close to the Skaven release, when I built the awesome new Screaming Bell.) From the actual bell I intend to make a 2 by 3 unit filler for my Stormvermin to get the unit to 39. The Grey Seer I will give a flying carpet to. And the rat ogre will… ehrmm, remain a rat ogre.

DSCF2591 greyseer

Further, I added this Land Speeder Typhoon to my Dark Angels collection. To be able to use the model as a wreck and display Crew Shaken and Crew Stunned results I pinned the crew with 1 mm pins. In a similar fashion I drilled the guns, allowing me to decide at a later point whether to use the Heavy Bolter or the Multi-Melta. This far I am very happy with it. It is a sturdy solution, but use may change that. I still am confident that gravity will do most of the work, but if help is needed Blutac offers an easy solution.

drilled DSCF2615 DSCF2616

This addition was just in time for my last game night to try out my Dark Angels against his test-run Tyranids cleverly disguised as Easterlings.


A friend has been using a list with a Tervigon, Termagants, a few warriors, some genestealers with a Broodlord and some Ymgarls. Apart from three warriors and genestealers the army has been fully proxied for a couple of games. So far he is in very unfamiliar territory for all of us as Tyranids are a previously unseen faction locally. Therefore it has been quite a challenge to make army lists for games against him. First, the size 800 pts, is unfamiliar. Second, he is a bit limited in what he can use reasonably, proxying considered. Further, not knowing the abilities of the Tyranids makes it hard to make a counter list of similar level that will provide a challenging game for both players, while still familiarizing him with the new game. (He has only played LotR and Fantasy before.)

This time I think I failed in the list-making, but there is so little I can do. At 800 points I had to use almost all of my models. This meant that the force I used was this:

Terrain we had set up narratively, using the quarter board filled as in previous editions and alternating placing them. A roll of to see who gets to deploy and go first ensures that both players try to make the terrain rather even. One problem in this game was probably leaving a too large opening in the middle of the board. A habit from fantasy perhaps?

DSCF2594 DSCF2598

The first game went pretty bad for the Nids. It was Purge the Alien and Vanguard strike. There was no Night Fighting, and I got the first turn. My Typhoons shot away half his warrior unit, and the Deathwing added to the damage with the assault cannon split-firing to the warriors while the rest shot at the Termagants.  I rolled well, he didn’t. In his turn he rolled 1-1-2, or similar for his spawning. His infiltrated genestealers approaching my right flank, but rolled badly both their difficult terrain tests and run moves.
So we decided to do another game after about turn 3. Now we swapped around the terrain a bit and got an objective-driven mission. Three objectives worth 3 VP each. In the middle we placed a big line of sight blocking piece. We rolled “yes” for night fighting in the beginning and for Dark Angels first up. I Deathwing Assaulted in first turn trying to take advantage of a badly deployed Genestealer unit, with their Broodlord leading from the front. (Had I realised the shooting capabilities, and spotted him placing them – they were behind a building, I would have suggested him chaning their formation.) In the end I managed to shoot away the Broodlord and about half the genestealer unit behind him. (He failed three look out sir-rolls!) I am not used to doing this amount of damage in the shooting phase, an all out Ork player as I have been. Below is a view of the LoS-blocker and the successful Deathwing strike (the Hydra is the Tervigon and the Easterlings are Termagants). The objectives can be seen on both sides of the hill, one is below the image.

I had deployed my heavy weapons in a ruin. The Typhoons shot away around the hill. In the end I got VPs for First Blood and Slay the Warlord. (Man, those Typhoons are mean!) Eight Ymgarls tied up and slaughtered three of my tactical combat squads and my warlord, Brother Librarian Giles (Yes, a Buffy pun). Those are crazy in hand-to-hand, and Dark Angels suck at it. Lessons learned. A few rolls kept my tacticals unable to reach ground level, and had his Termagants hide inconveniently in a forest. 2-1 to the Dark Angels. But that wasn’t important, the game was all about trying out the armies and trying to get a feel for what they can do.
DSCF2604 DSCF2606

Add in a few other games, and you have my June in hobby. And, yes, soon there will be a post about a game board in the making! With a picture of the heroes of the Nids, this post shall end.



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