XIII – Evenly Elves

This post is not yet about my finished White Lions. Neither is it about the wicked rat men that is known as the Skaven despite this post holding their sacred number. Still, the Lions have progressed as far as to the basing area, and inspiration for Skaven is a-cooking.

This post is about the latest, and last, ordinary  Blood in the Badland scenario. Only one game remains for us in this campaign – and that is the grand finale. So far, the my High Elves are not doing great as I have found very few relics compared to the others. The campaign leader has almost three times (if not more) relics than I have. Crazy stuff. And that’s even though the results of my games have not been that bad.

This post is a battle report at 3000 points – my High Elves against the Naggarythe Scum (read: Dark Elves) that have scoured the Bad Lands of relics, and holds the title of Most Prestigious Relic Hunter in the Realm.

The High Elf Army looked like this:


level 4 Archmage with Talisman of Protection, the Book of Hoeth
A Loremaster of Hoeth with the Armour of Destiny, a Dispel Scroll and the Sword of Might

5 Ellyrian Reavers, swapping spears for bows
6 Ellyrian Reavers, swapping spears for bows

16 Archers, musician
16 Archers, musician
35 Sea Guards, full command

23 Phoenix Guards, full command with the Liche Pendant
-as a Regiment of Reknown they have acquired the special rule “Armour Piercing”

23 White Lions of Chrace, full command with the Banner of the World Dragon

3 Bolt Throwers
5 Sisters of Avelorn
5 Sisters of Avelorn

A Frostheart Phoenix, and
a Great Eagle

I left making this list to the last minute and that can be seen I believe. Looking back, I should cut way back on the shooting – especially as I was facing toughness 3 opposition. I realized this when I was unpacking my army, but it was too late to change anything as we a bit pressed for time and we two usually play quite slow.

The Dark Elf roster:

level 4 Supreme Sorceress (Shadow) with
-A Black dragon egg
-A Sacrificial dagger
-Talisman of preservation
-and the Special Rule Stubborn due to a hit to her head in a previous game

A Death hag BSB with a Cauldron of Blood
A level 2 Sorceress (Metal) with a Dispel Scroll

Assassin (this crazy list of stuff I will not even edit. 🙂 This is guy is one of the most powerful assassins in the world, as a result of the campaign.)
-Additional hand weapon
-Rune of Khaine
-Rending stars
-Touch of death
-The Other Trickster’s Shard
-The icon of the siegebreaker (Campaign Special Item – can’t remember what it does)

30 Warriors with shields and full command, and the Standard of dicipline
19 Crossbowmen with shields and full command
28 Corsairs, full command and the Sea Serpent standard

5 Harpies
5 Harpies

20 Black Guard, with full command
-Standard of Hag Graef

12 Cold One Knights, with full command, the Gleaming pennant and the Ring of Hotek

Cold one chariot
Cold one chariot

5 Shades, with additional hand weapons
5 Shades, with additional hand weapons

War hydra
War hydra

A Bolt thrower


Our mission turned out to be Dawn Attack with me deploying first. From my army only the White Lions (probably busy chopping firewood) were the only ones delayed. This meant that I would go first with a 5/6 probability – with this much pew-pew, it was nice.

The Archmage knew Hand of Glory (increase a units stats by D3) , Fiery Convocation (direct damage S4 hit on all models; RiP), and chose both Signature spells – Drain Magic and magic missiles.
The Loremaster had nothing to roll for knowing all the signature spells.

The Supreme Sorceress got Mindrazor, The Strength and the Toughness reducing spells and chose the signature.
The Baby Sorceress got Enchanted Blades and chose the signature.


I deployed some Reavers to each flanks with a unit of Sisters, who I intended to use as Regeneration removers on any Hydras, and as annoyance and redirector units. A bolt thrower was deployed to my left with an archer unit. The two other were deployed to the right, on a hill, with the Eagle. My centre, from left to right was Sea Guards, Archers, Phoenix Guards. The Frostheart was  left behind the lines in the centre, it’s mobility allowing it to react to the Druchii deployment.

The Dark Elves other hydra and other chariot was delayed. From left to right I faced shades, deploying normally, crossbowmen with the Metal Sorceress, the Cauldron, Harpies, a Hydra,  a Chariot and Warriors. Behind a forest was Corsairs and more Harpies. Shades were snooping in the forest, and realised it was a very dangerous forest (a roll of 4+ at the end of the movement phase would cause D6 S4 hits): their right flank being held by Cold Ones. A bolt thrower was also to the left. The Dark Elves failed to seize the initiative.

Turn 1

My White Lions entered to the left. Beside them the Reavers, did a small manouver and shot at the Shades at short range doing nothing. The other reaver unit moved slightly closer, also harassing the enemy with arrows. The Phoenix Guards moved to control the river passing. The Shades in the middle startled the forest and took 3 casualties. Winds of magic blew weakly and the shooting phase caused only a few wounds off the Cold One Knights and off the Chariot.

DSCF2384 DSCF2385

As a response to the White Lions the Shades to the right jumped behind the hard cover provided by the Blessed Bulwark.The unit of crossbowmen reformed to face the White Lions.  The Harpies jumped forward to harass the shooters. The Chariot raced forwards, with the blood thirsty corsairs leaping through the corpses in the charnel pit in their urging forward. Black Guards and Cold Ones hesitantly moved forward to avoid the dangerous terrain tests of the rivers. The Hydra appeared beside the Reavers and subsequently blew them off the table. The Dark Elf magic phase was more eventful. He got a few more dice to play around with, but I spied his plan. He would buff the shooting against the White Lions to cause more wounds. The first spell to be cast would be Miasma to reduce the BS of my Sea Guard. I let it through. The next spell gave the Crossbowmen magic attacks and +1 to hit, with an Irresistible. It caused a few wounds on him, and the last Power Dice were lost. The shooting phase caused little damage as the Banner of the World Dragon deflected the bolts at the White Lions.

Turn 2

The White Lions charged the Shades behind the barrier. (A mistake, do not know, a charge one turn later on the crossbowmen would have gotten them less scathed into combat, but the Shades could then have caused major inconvenience.)  The centre battle line took a few steps backwards.

The winds blew weakly, again, and the sorceresses channelled a dispel dice or two. The result being that only Hand of Glory on a Bolt Thrower was successfully cast.

In the shooting phase the chariot was destroyed. Some harpies were shot from the skies by the Reavers, the remaining ones fleeing towards my bolt thrower. The other unit was destroyed. Some wounds were caused to the corsairs, but few fell. The bolt throwers to the right concentrated on the Cold One’s, causing a few more wounds.

DSCF2389 DSCF2387

The White Lions managed to cause only four wounds to the shades, the remaining one took his revenge on the nearest White Lion before fleeing the battlefield. The White Lions reformed to face the Dark Elf battle line.

The Cauldron of Blood blessed the Corsairs with the protection of Khaine. The Dark Elves closed in further. Corsairs had passed over the pit, and were almost over the river. Black Guards passed over the rivers slowly, making careful progress in the dangerous poisoned waters. The Cold Ones moved into position to charge the Phoenix Guards, together with the hydra.

The magic phase was again uneventful. The spell with the biggest impact was Miasma at my White Lions, reducing their movement by 2.  Shooting killed a few white lions, some wounds here and there, and the rightmost unit of Sisters was almost decimated leaving but one last warrior standing.


Turn 3

The White Lions failed to charge the Crossbowmen, their strides shortened by the dark magic looming over them, but they closed in. The Reavers positioned themselves to distract a potential charge from the hydra on the left flank. The Sisters unit in the centre moved to block a predicted charge and draw the Corsairs away from the centre battle line. The Sister to the right moved to redirect the hydra away from the Phoenix Guards. The Eagle and the Frostheart repositioned to counter any threats next turn.

The winds of magic blew weakly, yet again, and the Dark Elves channeled their powers to distract and dispel. In the end only a fireball could penetrate their magical defence, knocking a wound off the hydra.

All arrows available were directed at the corsairs. A few fell, but between the protection of Khaine and their cloaks little damage was done. The volleys were taking its toll, however. All bolt throwers fired at the hydra to the right. No damage done.

The corsairs charged the sisters in the centre of the battlefield, their frenzied screams echoing over the plains. An assassin was glimpsed among the masses The hydra to the right charged the lone sister. The remaining few Cold Ones placed them between the Phoenix Guards and the Black Guards, who waded forward. To the left the Hydra prepared to burn some axemen. The magic phase saw the Dark Elves weaken the White Lions with Withering.
The hydra flamed and the crossbowmen shot at the White Lions. When they were done three remained. The Corsairs overran almost to the table edge, and the hydra to the right was almost by my bolt throwers.
DSCF2398 DSCF2399

Turn 4

The White Lions and the Reavers charged the crossbowmen, but as the Lions fell to the disrupting volley only the Reavers hit home. The Phoenix Guards charged the Cold Ones. The rest of the High Elf battle line turned to face the imminent danger of the Dark Elf army. The long overrun move by the corsairs had taken them out of the charge arch of the Sea Guards, allowing the bows to whittle them down even more.

The Corsairs were drenched in Fiery Convocation, and another fireball seriously damaged the Hydra who was soon finished off by the bolt throwers. A rain of arrows hit the Spearmen. The small archer unit caused a panic test on the two remaining Shades, who panicked and fled against their table edge.

The Reavers took some wounds, but caused some too, in the end losing combat but holding. The Phoenix guards left only two Cold One knights left, and their knight champion cut down the Keeper of the Flame.  The Cold Ones lost, but held.


The Black Guard charged the Phoenix Guards (Guards! vs Guards!) and the harpies charged the bolt thrower. The Corsairs reformed to face the Sea guards, manouvering desperately by the assassin’s orders. The rest of the Dark Elf army tried to form a new battle line and moved against the High Elves.

Not too much happened in the magic phase as the Dark Elves had to dispel the Fiery Concovation (a 19+ Remains in Play spell is awesome as an magic phase destroyer!). The harpies destroyed the Bolt Thrower. Reavers still held the Crossbowmen in place. Phoenix Guards dished out some hurt, killing the Cold One’s and some Black Guards.


Turn 5

The Frostheart charged the remaining 20 Spearmen and the Witch. The rest of the army just manouvered a bit to shoot away at the Corsairs, and the eagle moved up to the charnel pit to block or harass the remaining Cold One Chariot who now had reached the rest of the army.
I believe the magic phase, again, was very uneventful. Arrows were fired at the Corsairs, who now were down to their last dozen or so. A bolt thrower knocked a wound off the Dark Elf one.

The combats saw Reavers again holding, even though the Crossbowmen having redressed ranks to get more strikes at them. And then, the Phoenix, only caused four wounds, suffering one in return, thus loosing combat by one. It fled, being in range of inspiring presence (but also suffering -1 from the pit). It was run down. I had not expected that, but I guess it wasn’t all that improbable. Before this I was in a very good situation, but now the Spearmen would get a chance to combine their strength with the Corsairs’ against my Sea Guards.

So the Corsairs charged the Sea Guards, who responded with a stand and shoot. Some 8 + Assassin remained. The Spearmen joined the combat. Furthermore, the remaining harpies charged the Eagle. I don’t recall anything interesting occur in the magic phase.


The Crossbowmen chased away the last Reavers. Phoenix Guards and Black Guards fought in a rather even combat, as the Black Guards had gained Always Strike First due to their magic banner. But the combat was swinging in the Phoenix Guards favour. The Seaguards stroke first, as did the assassin. Surprisingly, although the unit had suffered little casualties, they manage to strike away seven spearmen, and all the corsairs, leaving only the Spearmen in combat. The assassin then fled, the Spearmen not, thanks to their stubborn sorceress and their standard of discipline.

Turn 6

The last turn I will present as a summary. The Reavers rallied and the Phoenix Guards cut down the Black Guard to a man. The Sorceress ate an egg and caused major damage to the Sea Guards. Together Miasma, reducing WS and I, taking away my rerolls, a combo charge by the hydra and the remaining chariot my Sea Guards were driven back and destroyed. I allocated hits wrong here, as  I should have concentrated on taking either the spearmen or the witch out of the game, getting some victory points. I was greedy and tried to succeed with both and got nothing.

End game

As usual our Dark Elf – High Elf grudge matches are uncannily even. As you see above the difference in VP’s is eleven. Both of us did some mistakes, small though they were, and capitalized on the other’s – the right flank should perhaps have been more aggressively attacking the High Elves, the White Lions should perhaps have hit the crossbowmen straight away and the High Elf shooting was a bit whimsical, just to mention a few boobs. In the end, I would give the moral victory to the Dark Elves. Facing this much shooting with a T3 army and then succeeding with a surgical strike in the end is well played indeed.

A not too serious game, that is tight right up until the end. What’s better than that?


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