XII – Corvus Webway

Remember when I told you I was going to show you White Lions next – I lied! What I actually will do is give you a battle report of last evenings game of 40k.

My group is working through the Crusade of Fire campaign. By now we have come to the end of Phase I, and the end scenario was what we played yesterday. Pitted against each other was four players – the Forces of da Orks led by ‘Urghnould Blakkang’gur, some pretty decent Chaos Beakies and the Imperial scum in da shape of space pups and Smurfz. The mission details can be found here: Corvus Webway.

In short: the only thing that counts is that you must get in base contact with the objective in the centre. The table is also divided into six equal parts, in the centre of which a tellyporta-thing is placed. If a unit is within 6″ of a tellyporta at the start of its turn it randomly disembarks, as if from an open-topped vehicle, from a randomly selected one. Sounds like fun? It was!

The 1000 pts forces were:

Da Orks:

‘Urghnould Blakkang’gur clad in his mega armour, with his pet attack squig, cybork body.
(previously in the campaign he has gained +1T, +1I, +1A)

3 units of 30 Slugga Boyz, each with a Nob with a bosspole, two of these have a big choppa.
2 Dakkajets


Simple and effective. Considering the webway portals were to be treated as open topped vehicles, I intended to get stuck in as fast as possible, hopefully popping away again at the beggining of my next turn for a new assault. If I got to act later in the order it would be better in terms of getting the last run for the objective without being stopped. Then again if I had to act later it might lead to that I would have to take a nasty charge on the nose.

In retrospect I think I should have dropped a few boyz to get some powerklaws in the boy units. Also as a result of the campaign, I can upgrade a few more of my Boyz to Nobz in my units, considering that I would face more combats an additional naked nob to soak up challenges would have been good too, but I did not consider this. My motto was ‘Boyz before toys’ – the mobz would have been far smaller if I had included powerklaws. Also, considering the Ork’s success earlier in this campaign, and knowing any boons to be won, I did not see the need to go for a rock hard victory. I actually intended to strive to a draw – with no one by center objective. Or, if someone not me by the objective, then the Chaos beakies ‘Cause they’re half decent and know how to fight.

…and then…

Teh Smurfz beakies:

Captain with a lightning claw, a storm bolter and artificer armour
2  Tactical Squads with plasmagun and heavy bolter
2 Scout units of 5 with shotguns, and a dedicated land speeder storm each
2 Dreadnoughts with assault cannons and storm bolter


…and then…

Da Half decent Chaos beakies:

Some Slaaneshi special character as a HQ
Two 5 man squads of Noise marines with a special weapon in a Rhino each
10 Chaos beakies running

A Deamon allied contingent of
a Slaanesh herald on Slaanesh sea horse mount thing
Some ten-ish Daemonettes
6 Fiends of Slaanesh


…and then…

Da Space Puppies

A Wolf Guard Battle Leader with a thunderwolf mount, a power sword and runic armor
Four 10 man Grey Hunters, with a plasma each, potentially some flamers
5 Thunderwolf Cavalry


The map and deployment

The battle field is seen below. The green dot in the middle indicates the rough position of the main objective, while the six red dots indicates the rough positions of the tellyportas. Night fighting was on from turn one – not that it mattered at such close quarters.


The (half decent) Chaos Beakies were to deploy first and to get the first turn. They chose the lower left corner. All units were deployed out of the tellyportas range.

Second was the Space Wolves. They chose the upper left corner. With the Thunderwolves (with character) in range of a tellyporta. Two units stayed in reserve.

Third was Da Orks! I took the lower right corner. All three mobs, not only close to, but in base contact with the tellyportas. The chaos beakie player had hinted that he would potentially avoid shooting at me, as he suspected that the imperials would have me, ahead by (in their words) quite a few points, as their prime target. I had decided that I would return the favour, and as such, if a battle line would against all odds be formed I would not face a two front war. Also, going third was not too shabby. This way, if the dakkajets would survive to the last turns I would have a decent chance to clear the area close to the objective before the game ended. Note that we played a variable game length.

Last were teh Smurfz beakies, having no other option than to take the upper right corner. A scout move took a land speeder into range of the nearby tellyporta.

The BatRep – roughly from the Ork perspective

T1 -The Half Decent Chaos Beakies first turn was uneventful. One rhino drove behind the forest. The footsloggers went into the forest with da Boss. The rest just stayed close, waiting. A manouver, I tell you! Then he proceeded with shooting a decent amount of space pups off the table.

The Space Pup Thunderwolves popped out to down left. After a shooting phase and an ork casualty or two, the charge failed.

The Orks reappeared close to the Smurfz beakies player, ‘Urghnould and crumpany in the middle and another unit in the upper right corner. ‘Urghnould’s charge wiped out a beakie unit, the other charge failed to reach it’s target, and remained close to the tellyporta. (Should have assaulted the lands speeder instead – a guaranteed charge.) The last unit charged the thunderwolves from the lower left tellyporta. This did not go well without a powerklaw, and half the unit got killed doint only a few wounds in return. Yet fearlessly the Orks stood still.

DSCF2350 DSCF2351

A landspeeder popped out in the upper left corner. The Smurfz’s shooting phase was remarkable. Deciding to take revenge of the lost tactical squad all gunz was aimed at ‘Urghnould. Somehow the shots of a tactical squad a land speeder and two dreads managed to take two wounds off him. One due to a failed ‘Look out sir!’ roll, one due to a failed armour save. The other Dread assaulted. Two hit, two wounds. Another failed ‘Look out sir!’ killed ‘Urghnould. The other insta-gibbed the nearby nob. O.o What could now kill the dread? So there we stood.

Luckily it takes more than that to kill ‘Urghnould. All he need is a painboy and a day or so. *hur, hur*

T2- The Half Decent Chaos Beakies second turn looked very similar to the first. The remained mostly still, perhaps progressing slightly towards the objective. Some shots were directed at the Pups, some hitting weak spots in the armour. Some wounds were done to the Thunderwolves from a good angle (i.e. no boyz were ‘urt).

The Thunderwolves were teleported to the mid right, just behind the orks in combat with the dread. Another Pup unit reappared in the upper left and took some shots at the land speeder. The speeder took no damage, in spite of a double tapping plasma, thanks to the cover save from turbo boosting. The thunderwolves had lost some of their edge from the chaos beakie shooting and only ten or so orks fell, due to the attacks of them and the Dread. One pup unit come out to the lower right, far from action.

The smaller ork unit tellyported to the upper left, and assaulted the land speeder destroying it. The free large mob appeared behind the thunderwolves and decided to assault them in the rear. Together with the hits from the other mob they succeeded in taking the unit out, as well as the warlord. Some wounds were taken in return. One of the Dakkajets appeared and took some shots at the Smurfz, as a result of which a handful fell. *dakka, dakka, dakka*

DSCF2353 DSCF2354

Again the Smurfz showed us others how to shoot. Two hull points off the dakkajet with a tactical and two ass-can dreads.

At this point I remembered a detail that we had missed. The planet we fight on is dense. As such, cover saves from area terrain is at +1. That we had got straight. BUT, also, all area terrain on the planet is dangerous terrain! Could this save my dread-locked mob? Yes, it did, as the dread assaulting failed its retroactive dangerous terrain test and became Immobilised. Back-tracking was impossble so we just decided to let the orks leave combat and leave it at that.

T3– Now the Half Decent Chaos Beakies took a few strides forward. The rhino behind the forest remained still. The chaos beakies in the forest ran out of it. The daemonettes ran a bit forward with the fiends. Some shooting again, mostly at the pups.

The pups reinforcements arrived, a few shots at the chaos beakies out from the forest. One unit, in the up right was moved to the lower left and took a few shots at the Rhino closer to the middle – nothing.


WAAAGH!! The small ork unit moved to the down right. I decided to go for the daemonettes. The assault hit home, and they were wiped out, and I consolidated to the middle. The largely unharmed Boyz unit tellyported to the upper left and assaulted a pup unit and destroyed them to a man, with few casualties in return. They consolidated into range of the tellyporta. The Boyz unit free from the dreads fist moved into range the a tellyporta in the mid right.

At this point I knew that the chaos beakie was getting too a strong upper hand, and had to be stopped or he would stomp us all. Therefore, the Dakkajets aimed their gunz at them. One Dakkajet opened a Rhino, only wrecking him, and letting the Noise Marines pour out rather safely. The other, with the power of the WAAAGH!! shot at the warlord and his unit, leaving only one man left.

The Smurfz took some shots at the damaged flyer, but no damage was done. Some shots were aimed at the boyz, doing very little. A few shotgun shots from the Scouts in the up right at my large boyz mob. The tactical squad left were moved to the mid left taking positions in the ruin. The remaining land speeder went to the lower right.

T4 – Now the chaos beakies were moving into position. The remaining rhino run up to the rhino wreckage. The unhorsed Noise Marines moved slowly towards the objective taking shots att the pups and the smurfs.

The small unit of pups moved towads the centre, avoiding the tellyporta. The large unit of pups moved up towards the centre taking out the last Chaos beakie in the forest. At this point the Orks in the middle were dead by the claws of the fiends.

DSCF2363 DSCF2364

The large mob of Orks appeared nicely to assault the Smurfz in the middle left. After the charge only a few tacticals and the captain remained. The other unit charged the remaining land speeder and the puppies. The landspeeder suffered seven glancing hits, and as they all count toward combat resolution the damage managed to scare off the pups – unfortunately towards the centre. At least the land speeder was destroyed, thus making the scouts significantly slower and much less of a threat. The Dakkajets moved off the table to hopefully be able to get a nice salvo off into the middle at the potential end of the game at turn 5.

The smurfs were moved to a marine through the webway tunnels to the lower side of the table. The boyz in the middle consolidated, as they were left without an enemy six inches toward the centre being the first to actually hold the objective.The Dreads remained in the upper right corner taking a few shots. The scouts moved towards the centre, taking some shots and failing a few charges. The smurfz assaulted the boyz, leaving only a few alive, in the lower right corner.

T5 – The Fiends of Slaanesh assaulted the boyz mob in the middle wiping them out to a man, but a bad consolidation roll of 1 left the fiends in the hands of the random whims of the tellyportas. Noise marines were very close to capturing the objective, but not quite there. A last pup was shot dead in the lower/middle right.

Another pup unit destroyed the boyz in assault with the smurfz.

The dakkajets reemerged. Considering the order of turns we figured that it was more with the rules to let them come in despite no other Orks being alive. I don’t remember the logic of that, but it suited me to fly around for a couple of more turns. Some shots were fired at the Scouts, soon in position of the objectives. They fled. *hur, hur*

The smurfz moved towards the objective, running for it. They were not quite in range. The game did not end, but the smurf player had to leave due to time constraints (we had played five hours now, even more, and the clock was ticking through the 12th hour).

T6 – It looked very good for the beakie player. The fiends emerged from the tellyportas to the lower left and killed the pups in the lower right. The noise marines moved to claim the objective. Could we stop him?


I don’t remember what the pups did. Shots were fired? Combats were fought? Not much in the sense of damage. But that’s what you pay for being a pup, and not proppa, like an ork! 😉

However, it all came down to the dakkajets. The small table edge from which they had emerged a turn earlier left them little room to maneuvre towards the centre. But they could just do it, maybe. Two units of noise marines were clinging to the objective. One consisted of one sole marine, the other of five or so. *dakka, dakka, dakka* The first dakkajet killed the lone marine. If only had saved the Waaagh!! *dakka, dakka, dakka* One supa-shoota hit only the ruins. Splinters and rocks rained down upon the noise marines. *dakka, dakka, dakka* The two others hit home, a good salvo. Would he save them all. Probably yes, but maybe…

They lived, saved by their power armour. Well, two of them did. But it was enough to claim the objective and victory to the Chaos Space Marines.


These oddball games with many against many are always fun. On occasion they are a bit cumbersome, but this time we managed different table halves simultaneously keeping all players active through the game. I could very well try this game again, and recommend anyone to try out the scenario – you find it in up in the beginning. Maybe next time I will use the dread mob I had considered.

The Half Decent Chaos Beakie player played very sneakily. Often I have found that playing it defensively is a good way to tackle battle royale type games (often after that the Half Decent Chaos Beakie player has convincingly argued it out to me). Again this seemed to be a very good tactic as we left him alone until the late half of the game. My three mobs being in range of the telly portas all the time, just as I had planned, and I had to go with the randomness of this. I had aimed to revel in the chaos, and I think I succeeded, as apart from the death of ‘Urghnould it went very well. But it was not a winning tactic I think. One thing I would have done differently is that the boyz should have consolidated away from the objective, after the combat with da Smurfz, so that they wouldn’t have been a prime target, and subsequently eradicated by the fiends.

The Half Decent Chaos Beakie player asked the rest of us – why did you bash at each other so aggressively? How would you play this?


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